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I'm the founder and CEO of a biomimetic soil ecology company in New Mexico called Soil Secrets.  A person we know in common, Eddie Taylor wanted me to send you these slides showing our work with Agriculture and its impact on Soil Carbon Sequestration.  See attachments.  These slides were taken from lectures I've given on many occasions over the past 30 years including the Worlds first Humus Experts meeting in Austria in 2013.   

Part of our process of stimulating the soil's ecology to begin supporting soil life which is essential for soil carbon sequestration is to fortify the soil with a matrix of molecules constructed of carbon.  Some may call this substance humic acid a fraction of the humic substances, however, molecules of that definition have never been found or described, therefore I prefer to not use that term.  Our work involved collaborating with Los Alamos National Labs and Sandia National Labs where we did purify from the soil and form our manufactured carbon matrix the molecules where we then Characterized them down to a subatomic level.  This was done using a Commercial Proprietary Information Contract with the National Nuclear Labs.  As a result, we have a few understanding of what these molecules are, that they have a Supramolecular behavior, what the Mechanisms of Action is and how they improve a soils ability to retain moisture in an arid climate.  We have many examples of where we placed these substances on arid farm agriculture and reduced the irrigation water demand significantly.  I'm providing you with my cell phone number in case you choose to contact me.  

My Best Regards,
Michael Melendrez
Direct line: 505 550-3246
Soil Secrets LLC
1850 E. Main St. Suite A2
Los Lunas, NM 87031 



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