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153 Eddie Taylor Bio

Eddie Taylor
I discover farm safe climate partners who amplify climate harmony science with diverse climate answers

16 Skills

  1. Researcher for 40 years in environmental multi-disciplinary studies
  2. Reforestation Advisor for Pakistan reforestation tsunami
  3. Advisor to Jamican Farming, Forestry, Fishery department
  4. Advisor to Sea Crop
  5. Advisor to Global Together
  6. Advisor to NaturalAction.com
  7. Advisor to Triple-9.com
  8. Advisor to Agri Smart Inc and
  9. Advisor to Heartland in Iowa.
  10. Advisor to Davidoni.us
  11. Advisor to Geofield Farming.com
  12. Archived Speaker for Lancaster Farming Podcast.com)
  13. Visionary and Master Promoter
  14. Connection Expert with world wide contacts
  15. Writer & Advisor for Acres USA.com
  16. Associated with leading organic farming at world’s largest farming university in Chapinga University

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