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200 Climate Remediation Viralasation

Amplifying co-creation with earth's first life form and silent partner.

We have the seeds of a 1, 3, 5 & 10 year planetary recovery plan.

Dr. Carl Oppenheimer, the nephew of Robert, the Manhattan project coordinator had 10 PhDs and was professor emeritus of all sciences at the University of Austin.

He was the sole discoverer of archaea-the ancient ones. Carl Woese, much later; verified they are their own kingdom and the roots of the tree of life.

With over 1 billion species; it's the earth's largest biomass, with a new one born every 20 minutes.1-3 species may not be benign and we're not 100% certain on that.

The genetic diversity and universal range makes cannabis pale in comparison; yet the original bio geo ambassador enhances all plant, animal and microbial health.no human health claims are made since FDA effectiveness tests are not funded.

With electron microscopes and an army of thousands of undergraduates and hundreds of PhD.'s across the globe; Carl coordinated a forty year, unsung microbial Manhattan project.

Archaea is the only 100% quantum organism we know of.

He cataloged and field tested 27,000 species and selected 13 original colonies that are bio remeditors; for virtually any inner or outer terrain. We inherited that and await partners who can document we can enhance that to a near immeasurable environmental and balanced climate values.

John Evans, with the help of archaea, to win 9 Guinness book world records with 22 pounds carrots with the highest nutrients. Corn was grow with 6-7 ears on a stalk with a brix (nutrient reading) of 22.a reading of 25 is rarely attained and usually draws the attention of vested interest who don't exactly condone food sovereignty and evolution.

Dr. Carl Oppenheimer generated electrical power with these organisms and that was replicated by Dr. Derrick Lovely used bacteria to generate electricity at Massachusetts university. See his Geo Bacter Electricity youtube videos.

Dr. Carl Oppenheimer remediated an oil spill in the 90's off the coast of japan in 48 hours for hundreds of square miles by trawling a 25 pound bag of a precision archaea formulation.one archaea is born every 20 minutes with super compound interest to preserve and restore any land , sea , air ecology.

Archaea converted fly ash with concentrated radiation, Mercury and thorium to the richest living soil carbon with Oppenheimer's cross disciplinary talent and surreal dedication.

There are billions of tons of fly ash in most countries; a hundred year accumulation of the residue of coal combustion for electrical power. The proof of concept to recycle all landfills was thoroughly documented and ignored by various interest groups.

The legendary, 1 million acre king ranch had 300,000 oak trees with oak wilt .u.t. Surmised a remedy for 10k per tree. Carl stopped all oak wilt for a nickel a tree in one year.

Oppenhiemer's rapid environmental development plan was designed to convert any degraded land anywhere, on any scale and make self-sufficient green economy villages and cities in 3 years.

He had a human health formula called Microsorb that got mired in the politics of intellectual property. For decades, thousands have found remarkable coincidences in alleviating many chronic conditions by choosing to discretely trial the formula now available that's been enhanced since this year in archaea ormus formulated by ormusag.com and archaeaminerals.com with 40 years in food and beverage formulation and with 3 Terra bytes of data on alchemical formulations and documenting for plants, animals and people.

Archaea remediated 5000,000 gallons of napalm at Camp Pendelton in California in 1995.

4.6 million gallons of Oil spill was 100% remediated to the point where the converted oil to basic hydrocarbons turned a dead zone to a biome where shrimp eating the hydrocarbons tripled in size.

Megaborg oil spill


After Red Adair put out the 100 plus oil well fires in Kuwait set by Saddam Hussein in 1991, Dr. Carl remediated the burned oil drenched soil. Where he did so, the recovery was such that tomatoes were grown in temperatures of 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

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