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198 Water on the Earth and Archaea

Water on the Earth

71% of surface is water.

(Oceans = 96.5 %,)(Fresh water = 3.5 %.)

Total water = 332,500,000 cubic miles.  One cubic mile = 147,197,952,000 cubic feet.

One cubic foot holds apx 8 gallons. So: one cubic mile contains 1,177,583,616,000 gallons.

Total water on Earth in gallons = 391,546,552,320,000,000,000 Gallons.

Total fresh water is 13,704,129,331,200,000,000 Gallons.

It is estimated that 2/3 of all fresh water is in frozen ice caps, atmospheric moisture, and all life forms.

Remaining fresh water is 4,568,043,110,400,000,000 gallons.

If population est. @ 7,500,000,000 then there are 609,072,415 gallons per person.

If average age is 70 years x 365.25 days = 25,567 days = 23,823 gallons per person per day for life.


With this much water it is easy to understand that all droughts are caused by man

Most of this is misused and not cleaned water.

With modern technology all water can be returned to potable condition insitu.

California is aware that they caused their own drought through misguided and over reaching regulations.

If you need help in the clean water industry look up and learn the new technology called Bioremediation.

Then research the one and only microbial species that has the genetic code to accomplish this task. Archaea.

Please contact me after reading about this so we may have a solid foundation for a conversation on the subject.


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