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197 The Universe and Archaea

All things in the universe are either mass and or energy. All things seek equilibrium. The beginnings of any process must reach a threshold. Process will continue as long as they stay within established parameters.  Regardless of which field of study you are interested in these all apply.

For some unknown reason all things are in 3 parts. Starting from matter to soil microbes. Many thresholds to reach before life in the soil. Energy flowchart seems to be best. 2/3 dark energy and matter give life to the 1/3 light energy and matter. When matter clumps together randomly they end up in an orbit around the star.

When bio mechanical conditions are ripe the planet will have water but it seems life will not be abundant until the 2/3 water to 1/3 land mass. Following the next step microbes appear. Archaea are the first species.

A couple billion years later DNA microbes appear Bacteria and fungi. Even today in order to have healthy soil and crops the closer you get to 2/3 Archaea (RNA microbes) and 1/3 DNA (50/50 bacteria and the fungi) the more productive your crops.

The next level is a conscience being.  “I think, therefore I am”. A philosophical statement for sure. But the basic laws again come into play. The brain has electrical impulses. All life does. But the state of being a conscience being is because of the 2/3 1/3 ratio of ions firing in the brain. Threshold is 300,000 actions per second.

This is just one field of study. Use this template for all case studies, research, or formulations.

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