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189 Bioremediation of Herbicide with Archaea

Dear Dr. Elaine Ingham,

I have consulted with Dr. Oppenheimer at Oppenheimer Biotechnologies.  They have identified the molecular structure of your herbicide.  Here are the comments from Dr. Oppenheimer’s representative.

“I have already looked up the chemical structure information. We know it's similar to what we have already worked with.  If you want us to go ahead and set up experiments to see if our products will degrade this chemical we can do so. There is no charge for the set up. However we do not provide the analytical analysis here.  That has to be done by an outside independent certified lab.  It would be your responsibility to find a lab that can do the analysis and make arrangements for us to ship them the sample.”

I will obtain a sample of the clopyralid. When the testing process is over I will arrange shipment of the sample to your lab.  Please send me your exact shipping address.  I hope the bioremediation of this herbicide will be helpful to the composters in the northwest of the United States and elsewhere.”



Guy McGowen

President, the Copano Institute

Director, RNA Bacterial Research and Development

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