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188 CHINA, All Trash Composting

The all trash composting process is the culmination of 40 years of research by world renowned Dr Carl Oppenheimer in the field of “Bioremediation. The original concept was called “The Oasis Project”.

Years of work in the agricultural arena using the benefits of the ARCHAEA and countless hours of discussions with Dr Oppenheimer have allowed me, Guy McGowen to update this process and fine tune it for maximum effect and create a cost effective way of disposing of the world’s trash/toxic materials in an environmentally friendly way.

There are 3 immediate results by using this process .The elimination of foul odors, pathogenic organisms, and toxic substances. There are 2 main uses of the finished composted materials. First there is an 80% reduction of bulk material going into existing landfills. Second it is an agricultural soil conditioner. Because of the nutrient content in this compost a more proper name would be soil probiotic.

To properly set up an “All Trash Composting” operation you will need to do a local cost analysis of existing methods and their transportation procedures. Next you must decide if this will be reduced material for landfill or a usable agricultural product.

Regardless of the above choices all operational costs will be based upon the volume of trash to be processed. With an accurate assessment of the short and long term amounts to be processed a series of composting machines, acreage, buildings and personnel can be determined for each unit of operation.

All of the specifics needs of the composting material may be integrated into any of these operations.  Most importantly the making and using of compost tea for fertilizing purposes.

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