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186 Bioremediation Technically is a Microbial Action that Reduces Organic Compounds into their Elemental

Bioremediation technically is a microbial action that reduces organic compounds into their elemental/nutritional state. This does include the chelation of all toxic compounds in heavy metals. Bacteria and Fungus do not have the genetic code for this function. They are DNA based life forms.

In order for this function to happen requires an RNA microbial life form. The Domain, Kingdom, etc. are called Archaea. There are four main categories. Heat tolerant, cold tolerant, salt tolerant, and methane producers.

The last one is less than 1% of all KNOWN species. Dr Carl Oppenheimer discovered these "BUGS" in the mid-1940s. Coined the technical term of "BIOREMEDIATION". Most world Microbiological books have him listed as "The Father of Modern Microbiology".

How was the question! Hope your quantum mechanics is fresh from your college days. In the simplest of laymen terms. You and I are DNA beings better known as MASS. (Oppenheimer and Einstein work on many topics together). We consume MASS to produce energy. All DNA life does this function.

But the RNA microbes do not consume MASS. They consume energy and produce mass. This is one of the universes functions that keeps mass and energy in balance eternally.

Specifically when the strong nuclear force begins to weaken and allows the weak nuclear force to take over the energy holding COMPOUNDS together is ripe for the taking. We know this as covalent bonds. The ARCHAEA consume the electrons during this life changing/ending event.

Many question why does it not consumes people, gold, and other compounds. Because either they are alive (strong nuclear force is working), or the item is already in its elemental state with no loose electrons to consume.

There are currently 3 main areas of use. Industrial cleanup of any and all waste. Agriculture because most non-medical people are not aware that plants and animals have an identical immune system.

Both can only metabolize nutrients when they are in their elemental state. We now hold most world records on food production. Yield, size, and most important Brix readings. (Nutritional density). Last area is medical.

It is the world’s leading probiotic. This is called the oil eating microbe. Originally used for 5, 10, 20 million gallon oil spill cleanups. Now clean ups are done in 12 hours. With no residue. This same function works on acne, oily skin, hair, oil soaked birds and other fish and animals.

The major benefits are: no more world oil spills that cannot be cleaned anywhere within 24 hours, no more need for city/county waste dumpsites, no need for using chlorine in waste treatment facilities, later no need for the waste facilities either, the grey and black water can now be recycled at the 100% rate.

This technology applies to anything that is a compound. Remember. This was and is not an invention. This is the most basic function in the entire universe. On a scale of most important discoveries in human history, discovery of fire is #2. Bioremediation is #1.
For those thinkers of men. ? How does the Archaea bioremediate positively charged ion particles? (If you figure it out, you win the Nobel Prize, easily).


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