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181 The World of Agriculture



The world of agricultural can be split into three main parts


  1. The Soil - This we will refer to as the  Kitchen
  2. Fertilizers – This we will refer to as the Food
  3. The microbes – This we will refer to as the Cooks

Soils, like a kitchen, need to be properly prepared before use. This would include bulk material for aeration, humic acids from a variety of sources, moisture at a level for the crop grown, and some others.

Fertilizers that are added must not be salty. The closer you get to the complete balance of the 96 trace elements normally found in the oceans the better.

Microbes, like a cook, must have the right food source in the right amounts, in a well prepared kitchen (soil).

Like a tripod, if one of these parts is not fully functional the effectiveness of the other two parts will be greatly reduced.

Once you have stopped using caustic pesticides and herbicides the healing process can begin. The best place to begin is to allow Mother Nature to do her work first. Nature has its own self defense mechanism. This is called an immune system. Plants and animals have the same type of immune system.

We already know that when plants and animals have a balance and continuous supply of trace elements they are healthier. Microbes are responsible for breaking down trace element compounds into elemental form. Simple bacteria and fungi break down simple compounds. Complex compounds that contain minerals/metals require aggressive, efficient microbes that can survive and thrive in a wide range of environmental conditions. These microbes are found in the Archaea group.  They are referred to as RNA microbes. These are the microbes used in the product BioZome.

In a nutshell, In order to have healthy plants and animals you need a fully functional immune system. In order to have a fully functional immune system you need a balanced assortment of all 96 trace elements.  In order to break down the full range of all 96 trace element compounds into elemental form both efficiently and cost effectively you need BioZome.

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