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180 Archaea Benefits

What Are Archaea?

  • Archaea are microorganisms, which are essential for sustaining all life on this planet, including human beings.
  • The presence of the Archaea allows plants and animals to reach their full genetic potential.
  • Archaea have no detrimental effects on the environment whatsoever, as they are naturally occurring microorganisms. They truly are “environmentally friendly”.
  • Archaea restore the fertility of soils, plants, and animals through modern microbiology using existing natural life forces, balancing their microbial and nutritional requirements, following the permaculture concept.

What are the Benefits of Archaea?

  • For agriculture, the Archaea increase nutrient uptake by plant roots, dramatically improve plant health and crop yield, significantly increase nutritional quality of produce (Brix reading), increase drought resistance and reduce water consumption by up to 25%.
  • For industrial cleanup, the Archaea convert hydrocarbonbased compounds, such as petroleum products and pesticides, into fatty acids. When Archaea are applied to oil spills, the contaminants are removed and the natural chemical processing of the microorganisms yields beneficial byproducts. They convert toxic metals to non-toxic forms, make all trash composting possible - eliminating the need for landfills and transform heavily contaminated soil back into productive agricultural land.

Who Discovered this Technology?

  • Carl H. Oppenheimer Jr. was known around the world as one of the founding fathers of modern bioremediation technology. He devoted his life to the visionary research and development of ecologically safe and sound methods of cleaning petroleum hydrocarbon pollution using Archaea species.
  • The continued work with the Archaea is dedicated to the research of Dr. Oppenheimer, who discovered and devoted over 60 years of his life to understanding and developing the power of these microorganisms to benefit humanity and help the earth heal. Carl entrusted one person and one person only with his life’s work of the Archaea bioremediation technology. Guy McGowen, his long-time research associate.

Who else knows about it?

  • Guy McGowen first met Dr. Oppenheimer in 1994. Guy took care of Carl’s elderly mother and in the process of doing so, started a lifelong friendship with Carl, who provided Guy with the Archaea in order to grow vegetables for his mother.  The results were outstanding and Carl explained his research into the Archaea species and a new technology called Bioremediation.
  • Guy assisted Carl with selling the product and increased the agricultural sales significantly.
  • Carl then instructed Guy in the detailed science of how to effectively use the Archaea species. Carl shared all his secrets with Guy, and promised to leave the company to him, in return for giving Dr. Oppenheimer credit for his life’s work and getting the technology into the hands of as many people as possible. Guy agreed and became the go-to person in the industry for Archaea product knowledge.

Why isn’t it used Everywhere?

  • Unfortunately, on a trip to Brazil in 2007, Dr. Oppenheimer was tragically killed in a car accident.
  • There was no written agreement in place leaving the business to Guy, so it was kept in the hands of the Oppenheimer family, where it remains to this day.
  • Although this technology is well proven, it is currently only produced in small quantities at a single manufacturing facility in Texas, run by Carl’s step-daughter.
  • During an interview Carl was asked “Why do you want to clean the entire world?” He replied, “Because I can.” He instructed Guy to give the same answer if he were ever asked, and left him with the knowledge to be able to accomplish it. We now have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to truly heal the planet!

What is Required to Move Forward?

Guy McGowen, who would be the President and CEO of the newly formed Archaea International LLC is looking for funds to purchase the following from the Oppenheimer family.  This will allow increased production and expand the usage of the Archaea species to enable a large number of specific projects to be undertaken:

  • Intellectual Properties (IPs) of the late Dr. Carl H. Oppenheimer Jr., as they relate to the identification and usage of the Archaea species. This would include all relevant research, designs, protocols and documentation created by Dr. Oppenheimer, which are currently owned by the Oppenheimer family estate.  Possession of the IPs would also allow Archaea International the rights to manufacture the Archaea product.

What is Required to Move Forward?

  • The Manufacturing company, which is currently producing and selling the Archaea products in limited quantities. Purchase price would include all required company assets, lab facilities, production components, access to all records including suppliers, customers, sales, and business and operational manufacturing processes. The company is currently owned by Dr. Carl Oppenheimer’s step-daughter.
  • Start-up costs of new company, which would include accounting, legal, office/payroll, raw materials and new equipment for increased production capacity.

Who else would be Involved?

Paul Boldy - Chief Operating Officer, Archaea International LLC

Paul is an industry senior executive, with extensive experience in both retail and manufacturing, focusing primarily on organizational restructuring and global supply chain optimization for Fortune 500 companies.  Paul was a Vice President and Corporate Officer with Kmart, instrumental in implementing an inventory and space optimization system for

Wal-Mart Stores globally, as well as COO of a Wholesale

Distribution company.  Currently a Senior Supply Chain Consultant, assisting companies enhance visibility to their global supply chain network (such as Caterpillar, Case New

Holland, Dow Chemicals and AbbVie)

In Closing

With the continued increase in global contamination, coupled with poor soil quality and food shortages, our planet is in need of immediate help if we want to reverse the harm that has already occurred.

Using the Archaea provides us with a previously unknown way to clean up the pollution of our planet and provide truly healthy food for our world population.  Our very existence may depend on urgently acting upon this outstanding opportunity, before it is too late.

“With the Archaea, we can save the world!”

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