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178 Safe Climate Farming  Survey and Spray Profits

Chimorel.com sells a growing list of organic farming solutions for any plant with a specialty in cannabis and hemp; many of which are sprayable. We plan to provide choices for PrecisionHawk .com, a global drone consultancy for farmers and drone uses in most other sectors. Similarly Deveronuas  is a hemp centric service in North America with bio carbon engineering plans to deliver large scale reforestation seeding and maintenance. It has automated mangrove plantings in Myanmar. They plan to reforest Australia and Brady with the ability to plant 1 billion trees a year by 2020. Currently they can plant most varieties of crops and tree seedlings ten times faster and at 1/15 the costs of manual planting. Drone seed in California  works with California foresters. DJI and Ca.com are Chinese based, global drone leaders. XUAG alone drone sprayed 2 million acres in a dozen countries in 2019. They spray 20 acres an hour that takes 60 workers to do manually, atomizing the spray conserves 90% of the water and 30% of the material sprayed. Though they use synthetics they use far less of it. Rantizio.com is surveying and spraying farms in 10 states with hyper efficiency and increasingly lower costs. Their electrostatic applications allow foliar applications that make nutrients cling to plants for Less materials sprayed with less time and money.

Chimorel.com sells to individuals, farm collectives and other ventures and has a special library of super grow science for any plant. Our growing range of farm and environmental restoration products and research spans to the largest safe climate solutions and mitigation even to the social and legal approaches. See Growasis.com YouTubes. They claim they can use the water for one tree to plant 7,5000. If true this doing far more with far less is the tipping point mass adopted example of the new biotech needed in the 3-10 years we have to grow the climate nature intended. Growasis plants have a survival rate of 90%. Their compact biodegradable water box needs a small amount of water after which none need be added for 2-3 years in the most arid desert. The YouTube field trials speak volumes. This could reinvent hemp and any farming to recover any land and the water box can be made of hemp like the new drones and planes. LandLifeCompany.com has a staff from 9 countries to align with ventures to re agro forest 2 billion acres of earth’s desertified land.

Desert control.com is another desert to oasis tech. See our 1 tree worth 3-33 plan at the Global Restoration menu of GoldenOpportunitiesDevelopment.com.

Search IndigoAg, FMNR.hub.au, the Ideal Plant Initiative, Sound-Ag.com, youth for climate, Global Rebellion, Ice911.org, Pakistan Tsunami Reforestation and Quanta9.com. The largest safe climate solutions can be surveyed, sprayed and disbursed in myriad ways integrating natural product principles and continually improving with Machine learning data. ChiMorel.org is a way for others to learn and profit from these expanding, practical and affordable environmental and personal health solutions. Dr Dexter Russell, a Santa Fe naturopathic physician is  a new Chimorel affiliate. He is researching mikhaelian resonance technology allowing near 100% absorption of CBD, therapeutic thc and potentially any nutrient. Our distribution and solution’s compensation model has growing global outreach. We are not an MLM and can work with many profit and nonprofit models.

Our earth needs radical improvement for a livable future. Now millions and more can profit by contributing to a healthy climate, not just adapting to what you’re told can’t be changed. Our science and view starts from the higher and deeper values from within all things and is open to collaboration with virtually any group. We can all show and know how to faster grow a safe climate future now.

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