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177 Hemp Collectives Grow Climate Profits

The Colorado Hemp Collective, the Kentucky Organic Hemp Growers, Flow Kana, Hudson Hemp, the Zikurangi Cannabis Trust, Charlestown S.C. Hemp collective, the Northern California Yurock Tribe, CollectiveMKE.com in Wisconsin, Tennessee hemp collective, Self Fund and Train Growers including coffee and other crops for new victories. See tandfoline.com listing Hemp collectives in Africa. Challenges can match opportunities with government regulations, fluctuating markets and climate. Together, the best growing methods, seeds, equipment is found.

Santa Fe’s Dr. Dexter Russell, Columbus’s Warren Goodenow and Quanta 9.com offer Nicola Tesla cultivation science for hemp and most crops and forests projects. No obligation  complimentary products are often available for higher yields, Bio compounds and profits despite pests, weather extremes, and increasing production costs. Special arrangements and reseller options for nonprofits and new approaches are researched daily, with organic standards, affordable prices, ease of use and anecdotal and commercial documentation and food safe sovereignty are just some of our criteria.

SpeedyVeg.com, Dakine420.com, Sea-Crop.com, SoilSecrets.com, OrmusAg.com, Natural Action.com, Sea-Agri, davidoni.us are some of our growing list of suppliers. Bio520 .com (see amazing YouTubes and Ag Rock from Tachyon Aerospace Earth may be added in November. Archea Ormus from OrmusAg with other best practices won 9 Guinness world records, tripling rice production with one third the water and half the fertilizer in the Philippines with grower John Evans, the Alaska giant who grew 22 pound carrots and 8 pound carrots with the highest nutrient content. GeoFieldFarming.com has had bumper crops in droughts lasting 120 days with temperatures of 110 degrees. Dan Carlson’s Sonic Bloom documented walnuts the size of lemons. Sound-Ag.com has reinvented plants, as has IndigoAg for over 3,000 farmers. See the Ideal Plant Project YouTubes of Dr Joanne Chory.

Our daily library of life science innovation is at the Global Restoration menu of GoldenOpportunitiesDevelopment.com, where innovators and climate hopefuls may post. If you include the source, you may post these articles on your own blogs, etc. The EMFFix.com solves EMF challenges for plants and people, despite the realities documented at the EMF Crisis and Rebellion Global. See why growing ice is as important as growing rice at Ice911.org.  Super science based on nature’s inner and higher values is the field of all possibilities a unified earth can grow in, despite the failures of most economies and ecologies.

There are more solutions than problems for those who find we can cease taking over nature and learn to let nature take care of us. To see what entire nations can do, see Pakistan Tsunami Reforestation, Ethiopia’s 4 billion new trees project. Despite media crisis emphasis, our partners  cleaned entire rivers of red tide, stopped citrus greening, coffee’s Rust Roya and many other environmental and personal maladies. We see Time magazine and National Geographic September issues as required reading, if you care to create a future for earth. These document problems. We document solutions. Greta Thornberg’s, No One is Too Small to Make a Difference is one of 8 million safer climate answers, who are among the cross generational participants in youth for climate. See Chimorel.com for hemp and other grow better science and contact naturopathic doctor Dexter Russell at 505-501-2588. As nations and cities rightly awake to declare climate states of emergency, we seek help for the earth to deploy proven climate restoration and adaption remedies. We have agricultural and environmental solution agents from Alaska to Puerto Rico and in the Southern Hemisphere in our solutions collective.


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