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173 All Plants Can Be Climate Super Heroes

As Dr. Joanne Chory's ideal plant director notes plants have stored living carbon for all organisms for 500 million years. The Salk edu project may make all plants 30 times better at it, a compliment to IindigoAg.com, Soilcquest.org .au. Though soil carbon is 1 of many prime ingredients in healthy organic earth it is 50% of organic matter. Carbon exudates from roots are 5-20% of soil carbon.

On 4 acres, the carbon soil enrichment record verified by the USDA Soil Secrets.com use of Terra Pro from soil secrets is unsurpassed. At scale, FMNR.hub.au has restored more carbon and economies and integrated agro forestry than anyone in modern times. See the satellite before and after in Niger and Ethiopia and note similar carbon climate economy regeneration is growing in 30 countries with 100 as a 2030 goal.

The ideal plant initiative has a cross disciplinary way to help food crops have 4-8 times the root depth and width with more of the Suberin molecule that stores more carbon longer.

Hemp grows more carbon faster than any plant and has 50,000 uses. See Ministry of Hemp.com. Imagine conferring ideal plant traits to plants like hemp, moringa, and corn. Kernza perennial wheat is an ideal plant developed after 40 years by the land institute and is a milestone in carbon climate agronomy economy safety. See corresponding YouTubes. See the Good Carbon YouTube by Ichsani Wheller to see earth's carbon bio geo chemical systems and scroll related articles on Global Restoration menu of GoldenOpportunitiesDevelopment.com. Text 936 718 2747.

QuantaNine.com wants to treat seeds and give them away through nonprofits all over the world. See their rye grass study on Quanta9.com.  Kernza wheat roots are 12 feet deep or more, double other wheat varieties, and it regrows on its own each new season.  Super plants for end to end super photosynthesis food to super carbon sequestration, even super absorption of all bio compounds, is part of our full entourage, documented, commercial ready, global Nicola Tesla today, climate restoration realities that will be mass adopted and household names, with the appropriate profit and nonprofit partners we are sharing this document with.

Two billion farmers own and operate the largest sovereign soil bank that needs no charter, comprised of 1 billion acres and 40% of earth’s terrestrial surface. The U.S. farms 10 times more land than Canada. We have the next self-funding, Green Climate Farming wave, learning from Nobel Prize winners like Norman Borlaug and those that deserved one, like Luther Burbank, Dan Carlson Sr., Joanne Chory, David Perry, Bill Mollison, Rudolph Steiner, the BLT research.com team and the founders of Soil Secrets.com, LocusAg.com, Deveronuas.com, One World Ventures, the Ministry of Hemp.com, Pakistan Tsunami Reforestation,s Sea agri, Ice911.org, Rebellion.org and Davidoni.us.


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