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171 Drones Auto Grow  Higher Climate Integrity Profits for All Growers

Drone to phone organic big data automates soil carbon storage increases for all crops, which indigo ag is doing in their own way for 3,000farmers  in 6  nations. SenseFly.com increased yields  10% for 3,000 farmers, reduced nitrogen needs 20%.

Drone applied, Sound-ag.com’s foliar source averaged 9.6 more bushels an acre, increases microbial nitrogen fixation and phosphate solubilisation and saved 1,000’s of sub Saharan farmland acres, increasing yields 50-100% and incomes by 300-400%. Higher yields and desired qualities for all crops, better terpenes yields and CBD, THC ratios, climate resilience. Koch Biological has the world exclusive to market Sound Ag's foliar.

Autonomous aerial vehicles foresee market trends, track custody chain, heighten security surveillance, improve equipment and personnel safety, meet seed to sale accounting, custom foliar the most effective plant soil amendments. Can go 45 m.p.h. with a 10 mile perimeter, survey pests, soil, roots, water use and needs, speed new breeds and spray 5 acres an hour, soon up to 32 acres an hour. For 50 acres two more  drones suffice, Drone empire may  finance starting at $500. Some drones are leased and sold refurbished. They can run $7,000. See Cannafo.com , Deveronuas.com, Climate.com, Sarah Ratliff.com, PatrickEgan.net ‘s Ted talks and drone pathogen solution with a $500 drone plan, duct tape fixable and legally flying beneath myriad F.A.A regs and alleviation rural poverty. See agro drone organic hemp fungicides, Pragmatic-net.eu, Rantizo.com’s electrostatic cling foliars, and Ageagle.com with 53 crop types in 50 countries data.

Deveronuas.com’s Hemp centric drones are reinventing all phases of hemp and cannabis. Deveron grew 472% in the 2nd quarter of 2019, providing bundled biome analytics to Canada and Americas largest agricultural ventures with a Kansas City base and acquired Atlas, a farm analytics company in 13 states. Rantzio.com seeks to be acquired by a larger company to reach a wider market and seems highly complimentary. Deveron designs custom soil and amendments on 35,000 acres in Ontario alone. See Bloomberg’s 8/27/19 report. Myveritas.com is a subsidiary designing  higher farm yields and profits. They mirror and may enhance the agricultural goals of the $3 billion in assets, Indigo ag. Deveron could be the Xaug of North America by 2021, especially in hemp analytics, yield and quality enhancement. Deveron uses Microsoft a.i.,machine learning and its leading cloud computing and its $50 million A.I. for earth grant program for better climate management. Hemp Inc, Issl Tech and Cannavision take note.

See CannabisTech.com, Airboards.com, EmpireUnmanned.com, Expouav.com. http://adama.com/ and Tactical Robotics Ltd jointly developing Ag Comorant.

Outgrow smart and precision farming status quo with beyond organic, EMF free, safe climate integrity. See SpeedyVeg.com, Dakine420.com, Sea-crop.com, SoilSecrets.com, Bio520.ca YouTubes. Search Prodrone.com and SlantRange.com, both in CA, with unique agricultural features. Agridrone.co, ParrotAnafi drone, Gemmacert.com, XAG drones, DJI local data mode, drones for data security, PowerEggDrone,va, tech done crop management off pollen drift, GMO and otherwise. There are 25 million drones in the U.S. PrecisionHawk.com provides wide spectrum AG drone choices.

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