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170 Safe Climate Super Profits for All Growers

Our Nicola Tesla 2.O grow tech may take all plants and the planet to unprecedented highest yields and quality, affordably, naturally and faster like no other. See Ancient Grains Meet Space Age Science at GoldenOpportunitiesDevelopment.com’s global restoration menu.

from davidoni.us

SpeedyVeg.com grows 4 pounds of cannabis flower where the norm is 1. SoilSecrets.com used by hemp growers in 4 states on 2,000 acres for 3 years has never exceeded thc limits and took .003 carbon soil to 4.5 % U.S.D.A. verified. Hemp for carbon or any purpose is reinvented with our customized super science library. SeaAgri.com, plant and planet supplement, has all macro-micro-pico minerals and 50,000 microbials for all plants, animals and soils. Lab tested Dakine420.com.averages 5-8% more THC.

Our drone partners in 13 states, survey and spray 5 acres an hour and 20-23 by mid Jan. to April. See Patrick Egan YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1hgG0wthL8. Use the keys for the future of growing for cannabis 50,000, medicine, food, fiber, fuel uses and the unused potential of plants, the planet and people. Grow science starts from within the genetic, subatomic and post quantum. Text 936-718-2747 or email wegoodenow@yahoo.com.

Tennessee Hemp grow applicants were 300 in 2018 and 3,000 in 2019. Some of our products are from 0rmus.Ag, NaturalAction.com, SpeedyVeg.com, SoilSecrets.com, Sea-crop.com, Sea-agri.com, Dakine420.com and others. Carbon went from .003 % to 4.5 % in caliche soil with 300 p.s.i., U.S.D.A. Verified. IndigoAg.com may note. We enhance Carbon King Hemp. See APH.gov.au., TN.U’s Eric Walker, TN. Hemp Alliance, SBXFarms.com’s drone crop foliars, hungry- planet.com. We advise Pakistan Reforestation Tsunami. See  B 520 .ca, KY Organic Hemp Coalition, cannaacon.org, tnsfa.org, fmnr.hub.au, desert control.com, ice911.org, climate tracker.org and the intercept.com.

KY former 50 year hemp king has growers making twice per acre compared to any crop. See KY organic hemp collective and Paris with a 41 acre indoor and 1,500 acre outdoor. Hemp is in 101 of 120 counties.

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