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167 - Organic Hemp Grows Soar with Drones

Price and F.A.A. Regulations May be daunting for hemp growers without high end 3-50 acres. North Windsor berries, farming 16 years and farming hemp for one; find drone spraying of organic spraying keeps them cost competitive with agrodrone treating his 3 acres in under 20 minutes.

Iowa, rantizo drones, a dji distributor, treat 4-5 acres hourly with electro static bonding of amendments that lower costs and make even coverage. In 13 states, their in-house press releases are high fly ag news with remote crop soil diagnostics better than satellite big data. One controller runs 5 drones with an F.A.A. Waiver.

Santa Barbara famed wine country has the world's largest and 2nd largest hemp grows at 147 and 86 acres and is home to the new drone zone ag.

www.ormusag.com and speedy veg, sea-90, sea-crop may be drone applicable and ormus may have free trial options and special price arrangements.

Eric Master Blaster grow says seedlings grow 3-4 inches in 2-3 days with bio520 with amazing sprouts in 18 hours.

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