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164-g.o.d.com Serves TN. Growers

Scrolling goldenopportunitiesdevelopment.com website global restoration menu reveals today's Nicola Tesla plant science-for better hemp and all plant-yield, quality, harvest time, climate resilience. ormusag.com says this helps farmers to profit from China's increased u.s. ag products from 16 to 40-50 billion yearly. China's top 2 purchases are soy, alfalfa. ormusag.com has seen using ormus minerals boosted alfalfa yields 30% https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uvgbYgOY6c

We invite TN growers to heighten their economy and leadership as prime adopters of our new era ag.

Our NaturalAction.com lab reports 3.033% terpene profiles when Oregon's best is 2.9. Oregon's highest reported was 3.18. NaturalAction.com is a 10 year innovator in ideal water, soil, plants, with hemp can. specialty.

Cannabis flower yields are 4 pounds on a 400,000 sq. ft. Indoor when their norm is 1.

Memphis indigoag.com may meet their terraton climate goals in half the time with our tech that took .0003 % soil carbon to 4.5 -USDA verified. Hemp stores more carbon faster than any other plant. amplified hemp carbon uptake studies are pending.

We use latest electron microscopy, biophotonic effect at distance to craft user friendly, affordable keys to safe climate plant planet science for all growers.

We admire mid Tn.,Tn.hemp collective and,six farms all organic drone integration,  Sweetwater's Will Estes and 3,000 Hemp grow applicants up from 300 in 2019.

Rice yields increased 45 % study is out by 11/21.

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