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163 China’s XAG Drones Farm 40 million acres

China can grow a safe climate economy in 1 year-with new key partners

While Bio Carbon Engineering hopes to prove they’ll plant 1 billion trees yearly, XAG grew 400% in 1 year and seeds, protects and field maps with a.i., and cloud computing integration for 5 million farmers in 39 provinces and 38 countries from Vietnam, Zambia, Brazil, Mexico and Australia.

IndigoAg take note. Working with Bayer who bought Monsanto, which brought Miracle Grow and the glycophosphate synthetic version of earth management geo engineering. A google number of zeros could transform to myriad climate safe heroes by adopting the Tesla 2 earth restoration and personal health products like SpeedyVeg, SeaAgri, Soil Secrets, Kola Plant Food, Plant Amplifier, AgUSA, Triple9, Ice911 and others. See Chimorel.com to learn more or text 936-718-2747.

XAG founder Penh Bin is at the Rubicon of a safe, new climate earth with the ability to disperse the right seeds of the future that youth for climate’s 7.7 million have defined more clearly than most in civilization’s history.

XAG is lacking the new, third party validated Tesla super science continually accrued and curated with affordable, user and environmentally safe products listed in the articles of the global restoration menu of golden opportunities development .com hosted by the ceo of natural action.com.

XAG drones seed crops 150 times faster than manual operations, up to 10 acres an hour, and feed,  weed and machine learn how to continually improve it all, anywhere, sharing data sets with indigo ag’s  world’s largest satellite to drone and phone networks could put a super profits safe climate manual in the hands of every farmer on earth to feed the empowering new manna food to the next 1 billion people with less land and the 1 trillion ton carbon drawdown needed while emissions reductions and renewable energy is adopted at the speed we and the unborn need.

DJI trumps Xag with lower prices while XAG claims high drone durability. A mega trend with hidden agricultural and climate effects is China’s top 3 other mega trends are, telecom’s 9 million  presubscribers to 5g. See 5g space petition, theemffix.com and aulterra.com, Qbank, Global,qsat.ai,quantum generation.io farms the safe climate economy,emf free with true data privacy and self generating currency on the first forever free mobile.

The Qm token is the global sovereign currency of currencies uplinked  to a private world wide democracy web. All can grow and profit just by using the safe cellular obsoleting all 5-100 g. The coalition of safe climate giants like IndigoAg, Green Climate.Fund, ,qsat.ai,national Indian Carbon coalition,one world ventures canna native, nori.com,carbon engineering.com, xag,dji,youth for climate,ice911http://coolrooftoolkit.org/, sea-crop.com,Pakistan’s Tsunami Reforestation, fmnr, sustainable development.un.org, Davidoni.us, Brazil’s muvuca seedling method,and other multi pivotal ventures can pry the door open to a rush and reset for the safe climate, planet savers, digital living earth soil bank.

Rrantzio.com, Iowa, could rival XAG with a superior payload capacity, electrostatic folar that bonds to plants for more benefit with more even and less spray and software that monitors plant conditions and customizes best materials to spray for any crop conditions and desired yield and biocompounds.

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