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162 New Mini-climate Future Is More  Dependent on Growing Ice Than Rice

5,000 years of reliable weather for crops and civilizations is close to ending in 3-10 years.1/3 of all climate flux is from loss of 95% of north polar ice; though far more is in Antarctica. Climformatics.com third party verified Ice911.org regrew the most heat reflective ice in year increasing reflectivity, Albedo, up to 20% in the fastest warming site in the world in former Barrow, Alaska, the most northern site in the U.S. with permission of the indigenous elders of what’s now called Utiavak .

Computer simulation predicts decreased arctic seawater temperatures up to 3 degrees. Ice increases to 20 inches and 1.5 Celsius reduction over much, if not all the arctic by treating 1% of the Arctic which may be done in 1 year for 1-6 billion dollars depending on surprise super science collaboration from davidoni.us, who says they  may amplify the benefit of the safe micro silica beads Ice911.org uses by 10 to 1,000 times.

Other variables are the growing safe climate restoration science investors and the growing 7.7 million youth for climate participants and ventures like indigo with $ 3 billion for re-growing the climate by paying farmers for growing carbon in their soil. If the last 5% of ice is lost it will release  all the carbon they hope to store. whatever climate control you realize is needed. Ice911 seems everyone’s best bet. While Ice911 knows emission reduction and renewable energy are essential, ice restoration is the 3rd pillar. While Greta Thornburg and 15 teens file a Nobel prize caliber complaint at the U.N. against top polluters Argentina ,France, Germany and Turkey demanding they collaborate with other nations to take actions needed to mitigate and reverse climate change in the 1-3 years left to do so. Text 936-718-2747.

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