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161 Alaska - Global Safe Climate Solution

The September issue of National Geographic shows Alaska is the global climate ground zero.  Alaska may lose more time and money with no attempt to reverse climate change more than any other state.

In 2017, The Utqiagvik government granted permission to ice911.org to conduct research on near their town, which is the fastest warming sites in Alaska.

A predicted return on investment indicates gold rush figures. Ice911 significantly restored normal ice and air temperatures in one year.

A pier reviewed publication (Earth’s Journal, May 2019 issue)

The analysis was based on the Nobel Peace Prize winning software analytics by http://climateinformatics.org/

shows as little as a 1% treatment of the Artic can have a cascading restorative effect on the global climate, at a fraction of the cost and time of any other climate plan in the world.




With 52 global patents 900 inventions, hailed as the new Nikola Tesla, he says he can improve the ice911 solution 10-100 times.

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