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155 Super Agro Reforestation Climate Restoration

            Carbon climate smart food forests fuels and fibers may be as key as any new green deal ad trump offset climate pledges, the most well-meaning nations don’t keep for emissions reduction and renewable energy transitions.

Read the Crowther report and discover the climate resilience of super agriculture and forestry. IndigoAg could amplify with the likes of Fmnr and Tony Renaudo flourishing in the hottest 19 Sahel nations in equatorial Africa.

We have the new dimensions affordable products to grow the superfood, forests, fisheries, ice flows, etc even upgrading Fmnr. See their YouTubes and Afforestation.com. Read part of any ten articles on this site and help us monetize an earth with a future in the greatest tipping point year in human history. Hemp Can, will you?

P.S. Special mention to wri.org, 20x20 initiative to restore 40 million acres in the Caribbean and Latin America by 2020. With cities like Jacobibad, Pakistan, with 137 degrees for months on end. They will need the new Nicola Tesla ag-reforestation secrets.

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