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152 Our Pitch to Indigo Ag

Slide 1: Project Overview

  • Name: G.O.D. Safe Climate Amplifier
  • Challenge Track: Acceleration
  • Team Members: Eddie Taylor, Warren Goodenow, plus a stable of 50+ PhD soil scientists.
  • 10 Word Solution: Mycorhyaezal polymath technology plus array of proven formulas.

Slide 2: Solution

  • 40 years of Mycorrhizal polymath and horticulture experience and an array of proven formulas documented by the U.S.D.A.

Slide 3: Impact

  • Why: We have the world’s best record of carbon storage in the worst soil ecology verified by the U.S.D.A.
  • Scale: Impact: Our safe products increase crop yields and quality up to 45%, including rice.
  • How: Dozens of formulas for any soil ecology.

 Slide 4: Team

  • Team: Our team has a combined 300 years soil science experience.
  • Dedicated Time: Three to five fulltime people are available.
  • Time Together: Varies from several months to many years depending on the team member.

Slide 5: Stage

  • Stage: In negotiations with at least one publically held company.
  • Data Demonstration: U.S.D.A. data.

 Slide 6: Experimental Design & Pilot Requirements

  • Testing Solution: Anyway you like.
  • Key Outcomes: Milestone carbon advancement
  • Scalability and other Considerations: Scalable to any size, starting with 1/8 acre and up. We prefer starting with rice. From none to three. Easily managed with very few applications per month


Slide 7: Solution Notes

Universal Carbon Sequestration Acceleration

  • One of a kind Mycorhyaezal technology and other proven formulas.

 Other General Technologies to Accelerate Sequestration

  • Additional soil amendment technologies
  • Microbial technologies
  • Technologies that reduce use of chemicals or fertilizers
  • Farm Management practices

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