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151 15 Climate Heroes With 10 Times More Power Via Super Science

Time Magazine ‘s Sept. Issue lists these women as climate hope leaders. 80 % of the climate displaced are women. We may have 1 billion climate refugees in 5 years or less. The 15 range from trillion-dollar hedge fund managers, international climate policy negotiators, climate justice attorneys, economists, indigenous leaders and next gen icons. All can send any version of this invitation to any or all of them. The power broker holdouts may only increase emissions, as 100 of the top corporations did in the G 20 after the Paris agreement.  If emissions were reduced and carbon mitigated via Nicola Tesla 2.0 science; the aggregate efforts and collaborative effectiveness could be a viral synergistic tipping point to outrace the hot-house entropy, which won’t be stopped short of Planet X factors.

Multiple super geniuses are what the equation needs, and to mention one of many examples  in 2004, A Hemp Can. Farm Safe Climate Partner and adviser took 4 toxic acres of ultra-hardened desert (300 psi at 1500 pounds of carbon per acre 1-foot deep measuring .003%) and within 12 years it was 4.5 % with 190,000 pounds of carbon per acre. (USDA documented)

nori.com and Pakistan’s Tsunami reforestation take note.  See primary water works Institute and never doubt that natures has more miracles than the greatest intentional misuse can conceive.

Next call for hemp climate coalition papers: In 1994 there were several dozen papers on cannabis each year. Approximately one thousand per year are currently being written.  These 18 million-year-old plants have the most genetic diversity with 50,000 commercial uses and counting. Hemp stores more carbon faster than any other plant. It is understandable agriculture giants like Indigo AG may avoid it for geopolitical reasons.

Here are 15 global entities addressing the tipping point problems. Most are the opposite of Indigo Ag solutions and are underfunded and still relatively unknown yet; but most deserving of mass adoption.

  • Global EMF issues: https://theemffix.com/
  • Indigo Ag will pay 3,000 farmers to store carbon on 1 million acres and in 3-8 years; perhaps all 2 billion farmers worldwide -they should be a global household name: https://www.indigoag.com/
  • Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration:  https://fmnrhub.com.au/
  • Fridays for Future: Pakistan planted 1 billion trees in 2 years and have a 10 billion goal; Ethiopia planted 2.6 billion in 2 years. Super science ‘amplifying of action’ on this scale, speed and        economy is what Fridays for Future and the 60 pledged nations who vowed to do more see this is a major part of emissions reduction and mitigation: https://www.fridaysforfuture.org/


See mirrreco.com, Canna Native, One World Ventures, Swiss X and hempshield.net to see how hemp can help a climate victory. Combined with living soil carbon mastery and a Hemp Can. Partner that grew trees in a twelve-year drought to 30 feet which never previously exceeded two feet in the first season.  The day is near when phylos.bio and machine learning could multiply all climate solutions immeasurably by finding the best strains for carbon sequestration, in any given biome, since it thrives in most.  In countries like Pakistan where climate costs are $7 to $10 billion a year and over 1 trillion -in one 4-year span; with all 1,600 glaciers melting with months of 102-degree Fahrenheit and some areas as high as 128F. A Karachi botanist estimated hemp and neem crops there and in similar fashion could do much to restore the nation’s ecology and recover billions of dollars more yearly in the process.

Hemptemple.org proves 1 acre of hemp produces more oxygen than 25 acres of forest and grows hundreds of times faster than trees.  The USDA says one acre of hemp produces four times more paper than forest.  According to cannasystems.ca, one of our many advisers, the new cotton gin may have arrived, providing means to process according to the scale of volume required.


A Hemp Can. Grow advisor has water science for all farming applications for over 70 years in 20 countries of proven results.  New and real science based on Steiner, Tesla, and Schauberger principles await those who value quality and sustainability over quantity based on short term gains.  The technology accelerates carbon sequestering, microbial growth, and yield.  Higher terpene profiles and quality are recorded in Cannabis applications but is diverse to nearly all crops and climates.

To feed 9 billion people by 2050, Agricultural yields of quality need to increase by 70-100%.  The combined effect of various super science technologies and methods can bridge that gap and grow a new era of modern day collaborate as never before.  This is the core action plan of Hemp Can. Farm Safe Climate Partners.

More can be done with less, as the new Archimedes said; ‘Give me a place to stand and I will mitigate the multiple interlocking crisis in time.’

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