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150 8 Ways To Renew the Rainforest

  • Though Brazil has 60 % of the Amazon rain forest, the new president is the world's most outspoken deforester.blog.ecosia.org had pledged to plant one million trees in 1 year in Brazil.
  • Total area equals the 48 states. The other 8 countries; in order of rain forest size are: Peru has 13%, Columbia 10%.
  • The 33% could enhanced for 3-10 times more carbon storage, oxygen and transpiration a direct corollary to rain production.
  • With 17% lost an irreversible tipping point. Will happen at as little as 3% more and most of the Amazon will be scrub land at best.
  • Brazil's former deforestation monitor, Ricardo Galvao says if it's lost; global warming will be out of control.
  • Having grown trees 30 feet in the first year that never exceed 2 feet in 110 degrees Fahrenheit for 80 days at a time we grow one tree worth 3 to 33. text 936 718 2647.

Dr. Jennifer Balch has demonstrated that fire frequency ( more fires per unit time) devastates forest regions nearly ten fold.  When tress are allowed to mature and age, they can withstand fires and provide the canopy for rejuvenation.  By withstanding fires and providing shelter for forest floor growth and sapling shelter, the transpiration and canopy necessary for the hydro-logical cycle to maintain are provided..  When the cycle is interrupted,  an escalation ofmore fires are more likely to occur, resulting in a run-away vicious cycle that becomes out of control.  Anyone who hikes the forest can witness the ability of elder trees to withstand fires, whereas the younger forest floor is decimated.  The larger, more elder trees allow more rapid rejuvenation.  This is ultimately the problem with clear cutting and selective harvesting of large trees also.

Daniel Nepstad, of Earth Innovation, says we can outrun economically driven deforestation, if diversified to grassland and other regions.  https://earthinnovation.org/about/staff/daniel-nepstad/

Brazil's  Belo Monte dam project https://www.internationalrivers.org/campaigns/belo-monte-dam , could reduce to 60% power and avoid disastrous dust bowl consequences.

The Amazon region power plants hold 10 billion tons of CO2.  All of the coal plants combined made 15 billion tons in 2007.  Millions of tons of fly-ash (the result of coal combustion) are produced annually by electric power plants.  Leaonard Ridzon's carbon cycle and carbon connection; see Acres Magazine. 

Carlos Nobre says amazon tree loss is at 19% per year, and 20-25% could be the tipping point.


The same disastrous entropy is on its way for the marine ecosystems with sea floor permafrost leading the way followed by land permafrost,  topsoil, and oceans.







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