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148 To Greta and All Climate Care Takers:

Hemp can. Farm safe climate partners (See attached document with that title)

Amplifying and offsetting influencers amplifying increasing emissions.-pledges or not for cool climate present and future in this moment.

Germany’s $59 billion climate plan, Amazon’s 100,000 Evs and Apple’s rainforest adoption can be improved myriad times via our vast data set of frontier tipping point tribe of natural and practical technologies. We can geometrically improve and integrate climate harmony from nano to macro.

See IndigoAg paying 3000 farmers, on 1 million acres of land, to store more Co2 faster by 2030. They want all 2 billion farmers to drawn down 1.6 trillion tons. Open sourcing their world’s largest real soil land with 1 trillion data points in America alone. All farms going from 1 to3% carbon would achieve that. Hemp has biotech we propose, will prove to accelerate the oil to soil transition 10-100 times faster and may prove that in as little as a 30 day trial.

Tesla2 farming and agroforestry like fmn, see computrodhae.com and data2unhc.org and Pakistan 10 billion trees planted by 2025 can be hyper amplified, integrated and duplicated where political will to grow safe climate zones is shown by action, not just pledges, invocation and more studies.

We have U.S.D.A. validation that in 2016 we took multiple American southwest desert acres from .003% carbon, under 15,000 pounds an acre, to 4.5% carbon, 285,000 pounds an acre, with top soil 18 inches deep in 12 years. The study started with calche at 300 p.s.i., virtually stone, for the most part with the thinnest layer of degraded, toxic soil with the worst pH.

October 1, we release proof w increased rice production 45% on a third generation California rice farm while increasing carbon storage with minimum outlay in record time.

We’ve stopped citrus greening in large Florida orchards and may do the same for coffee rust Roya, while eliminating all perceived need for any synthetic input.

As climate influencers, we appreciate your fast track evaluation of all we have and copromotion based on your team’s confidence as a result.

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