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147 High Crops Safe Climate-Free Offer

This ad ran in the Lancaster Farming Newspaper 9/23.

  1. Plantamplifier.com’s partner gifts plant soil amendment at no cost, including shipping for hemp growers min. 50 acres to treat 1/4 acre, no obligation, ship till 10/16.
  2. Ioan Davidoni’s -see Davidoni.ro- 55 years perfected, Quantic Era Amplifiers for plants, people and biomes is a gold standard safe climate.
  3. 20 studies, including a Michigan University apple trial showed terpinolines increased 1400% with a 25% higher corn yield. Ohio, Virginia University and a publicly held hpublic by 9/30.
  4. Ememp and cannabis company trials start 9/16.
  5. Ag amplifier beads have 40 rare earth’s, gold, silver traces, in packets for trees.
  6. Amplified plants thrived in 107 degrees for weeks with more biocompounds and biomass with less water and more pest resistance,
  7. Tripling biophoton quantity and quality in plants and people, is multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional Star Trek tech integrating ancient ways.
  8. For free trials and info, text 936-748-2747 to buy with possible discounts email wegoodenow@yahoo.com. Global shipping may via houseofnubian.com.
  9. GlobalWon.org in 50 nations may donate amplifiers. HLabs.io may analyze all amplifier crops.
  10. Personal, environmental products show benefits in an unprecedented radius. Details go
  11. f impedance of all organisms is verified at helixgrow.net. Many wave forms impeding super natural health are neutralized.  
  12. Our 52 global patents holder is called today’s Tesla.
  13. This global launch sprout needs partners and media.
  14. Hemp’s 50,000 uses amplify with new era agronomy. bltresearch.com, Monica gagliano.com and Vermont University’s 28 million year old cannabis pollen find, infers a unified past future tech to grow the future now.
  15.  “3 hemp acres store 22 Co2 tons fast,” sunstrands.com/products/rawmaterials/hemp/
  16. We grew trees that never grew past 1-2 ft/yr to 30’ in drought.
  17. Indigo Ag pays 1 million carbon farmers.

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