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145 Hemp Can Grow Safe Climate Partners

Joining safe climate partners is no cost-obligation victory. Tesla 2 plant science goes to profit, nonprofit, journalists etc.

My safe climate partner’s coordinator bio: worked with Jack Herer, advised by the one who legalized Canadian Hemp farming. Decades in Ag, interdisciplinary international commerce, archived Lancaster Farming podcast guest and currently an advisor to three publically held hemp and cannabis companies. On 9/24 we began a dialogue with the former manager of the world’s largest farm with 1 million acres. We hope to create a formal advisor-partner relationship with this person.

Scroll global restoration menu, goldenopportunitiesdevelopment.com hosted by ormusag.com.

Walnuts grown with ormus

A climate partner tripled CBD oil, doubled cannabis yields, stopped citrus greening and releases data on 45 % higher rice yields 10/10.

Others reverted GMO soybeans to heirloom in 30 days. corn thrived in 110 degree Australian drought for 80 days in a row with 1/3 less water. Indoor cannabis is 1% of US power yearly. One mature plant takes 70 barrels of oil.soliculture.com- more power, production, profits.

Another partner grew trees 30 feet in year one that never exceed 2 in the first year. Another increased terpinolines 1400%.

Warren Goodenow is Hemp Can. Chief product supplier, email wegoodenow@yahoo.com or call 614-885-0000, leave message.

One of the greatest needs is optimum absorption of US grown, nongmo sustainably grown and processed, full entourage Hemp oil. Hemp Can. will be authorized to market this standard of oil with 90% absorption in miron glass bottles, preventing light degradation in October. Average absorption is 6%. We are licensed distributor of a soil amendment used in 2 states for 3 years on 2000 acres of hemp that has prevented all plants from exceeding THC limits.

Indigo ag can use the plant storing more carbon faster, with 50,000 uses, the most diverse genome and an 18 million year super soil history. Currently their geo political advisors are not greenlighting any hemp or cannabis involvement. To their credit they are contracting with farmers with 3 million acres in six nations, providing 11 different agricultural products. With virtually no advertising, they are naturally feeding the earth and two billion more people in the next decade; opening the door to a worldwide oil to soil, new era economy.

A climate safe partner grows 6 stalk hemp, 24 inch high with 4 inch controls, with no amendments, effect at distance at 1-8,000 acres. Cannasystems is an advisor. We attend CBD expo mtn 10/11. We recommend private, Columbus, US H labs – IEC certified for contaminant and bio compound analysis and Ohio, Logan soil labs.

We’re designing the first safe climate zone for Caribbean farmers, foresters and fisheries. We admire one world ventures, cannanative, Hudson Hemp and Hikurangi Huatkina Trust.

As carbon neutrality 19 nations pledge 2050 neutrality: 80% of emissions from g20, 100 top corporations rises. National geographic highlights some of the pivotal challenge. thrdpole.net has solutions, safe climate partners more so. All can profit as safe climate partners. Will you? Text 936 -718-3747.

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