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142 Phoenix Joins Fairbanks as the US Climate Crisis Leaders

These 2 cities can be climate heroes as soon as cohesive political will trials new wave applied safe climate science described throughout the 150 articles posted by ormusminerals.com on the global restoration menu of goldenopportunitiesdevelopment.com in the last 90 days.

If choices don't change in time, 74% of the world's people will be exposed to killer heat waves of 120-130 degrees for weeks or months at a time. Autobahn managers reduced speed limits anticipating heat induced pavement buckling.

Southwest crisis climate cities include Vegas, Tucson and El Paso. Vegas leaders bypassed the primary water works channel to replenish Lake Mead last year.

David Hondula, Arizona State’s senior sustainability science says we've elected officials who deny the crisis -if not-they insist nothing can be done -like Trump.

While Los Angeles trials asphalt sealants reflecting more light; too little too late is the order of the day in most cities. San Francisco is on the hot list. Urban reforestation like Louisville, Kentucky is admirable yet all need to think and do much more and learn solutions abound to do so. Ac made the sunbelt cities mostly fueled by fossil foolish-no ones to blame except those that refuse to retrofit or replace what works better.

Nature conservancy says American forest restoration is key to carbon climate resolution with 50 million acres available. Abandon mine land and marginal farm land can be reforested far faster, better and cheaper with many documented science innovations in the goldenopportunitiesdevelopment.com, global restoration menu alone.

New-as fuel prices rise-electric vehicles improve-edmunds.com rates the best.

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