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140 Indigo AG Equivalent For Permafrost Restoration?

Icolab.com Indigo may convert 1 trillion tons of co2 climate crisis to global green economy’s in 3-10 years  paying the world's 2 billion farmers to grow climate safe food; yet perennially frozen soil-24 % of earth's surface stores 4 trillion tons - and methane to -30 times the detriment of co2.

Sea floor permafrost is 99 times that amount & solving the first 2 may avert the 50 gigaton pulse release From the Arctic seafloor that may happen if we don't reverse tipping points of the first 2 in 3-10 years, like all climate projection; the complexity only permits educated guesses.

Magnifying Ag and reforestation times 10-1000 may save earth in time especially if a seafloor fix is found. This requires amplified education, involvement for billions of people and integrated super science adoption in the form of safe climate amplifier products all people can use or benefit from.

Indigo & mega reforestation have ROI return on investment Icolab.com does as well; it proposes a, to be proven, on any scale, conversion of permafrost methane to fuel.

When indigo Ag and Fridays for future-and other rare initiatives, really able to make changes needed in time to renew earth-the likelihood it will be; shall be far greater when they support real science answers for permafrost-terrestrial and marine with emissions reduction and direct air capture.

Carbon Engineering's scalable commercial direct air capture of atmospheric emissions, all vehicle drivers and cities can use for fuel and materials engineering is out by 2021.

Nation's showing the political will by action, like Pakistan planting 1 billion trees and planning on ten and Ethiopia planting 4 billion trees can address much more of our food and fuel mistakes since the 1600's industrial revolution which can retrofit to the biotech evolution.

All need to do their part yet more has to be done by the few -more than ever -to initiate the process-for our first and last chance to stop taking over and show all the greater benefits of taking care which human and nature’s needs met in a unified, sustainable and self-regenerative and self-regulating Gaia, requiring all disciplines based on laws beyond the 4 laws of thermodynamics with quantum and post quantum life and material science.

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