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139 Cool climate Amplify Pakistan, Indigo Ag, Siberia and Iceland

These three permafrost countries and the Indigo Ag company have or plan to mitigate carbon climate as few in the world. Pakistan,  primarily an agricultural economy, lost 3 trillion USD  from 1997 to 2016 through crop loss, floods, power outages, civil unrest, etc. For carbon storage it agro reforested with 1 billion saplings and will use more row crops with the planting of 10 billion trees by 2025. The reduction of its 1700 glaciers may reduce wheat 11%, rice 18% and livestock 30%.

 Plant amplifier inventor, Ioan Davidoni.ro, is the new climate Tesla with 900 inventions, 52 global patents and 55 years of earth science research, 33 years in agromomy.  Amplified plants have thrived in 107 degrees with record yields and carbon storage awaiting quantification. He offers to amplify any climate initiative with a customized plan with initial details after receiving a basic letter of interest or intent.

 Indigo Ag will pay 3000 farmers on a total of 700,000 acres to store carbon in the world’s first soil bank and the globe’s largest soil lab with microbial coated seeds as an option. The goal is 1.6 trillion tons of carbon storage, 1 terraton stored by 2030 with up to 2 billion farmers growing a global green economy and providing better food to billions more people.

 Though Russia and Canada are agricultural powers, their ecologies are linked to the integrity of permafrost, 25% of earth’s surface, which stores 4 times the carbon in the atmosphere. Two million at risk live in the Artic and eight countries have territory in the Artic circle. Pleiostenepark.ru near Yatusk is the largest asset at risk city with a population of 300,000 founded on permafrost - not an agricultural venture per se. It’s grassland restoration has lowered air temperature 1.5c on 50 hectares of its 14,000 hectares, perhaps enough to save much of earth’s permafrost. Their carbon business plan is at SiberianTimes.com.

 Nepal’s smart villages is an ag/carbon/climate model relevant to any mountainous country and Iceland’s Aldin biodome may work in any agricultural urban setting.

 Mongolia’s Ulaanbator capital, population 1/3 million, has trialed a man made glacier to cool the capital since 2015 with the Ecos & Emi Engineering firm.

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