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138 Two Fastest Safe Climate Solution Providers

Iaon Davidoni and David Keith device-Carbon engineering's founder, David Keith says their 2021 d.a.c., direct air capture will prevent and capture carbon with all vehicles retrofit devices and industrial units, each removing 1 million tons yearly.

Times 6/24 issue reported Fiji's prime minister and the U.N. President telling industrial nations to keep emissions below 1.5 C to keep Pacific island nations alive. The Caribbean accelerator wants climate safe nation’s tech.

Keith & Ioan Davidoni out of 1,000's of safe climate solutions, from Paul Hawken's project drawdown book to Albert bates biochar; seem to be the fastest scaling path for all consumers, countries and corporations to do their part for a world with a live able climate future while not focusing on humanity's greatest challenge, dwarfing the 17 U.N. S.D.G.S.

The top 100 corporations in the g-20 countries-funded by the largest banks are emitting more than ever despite the Paris treaty, the Bonn challenge and global climate strikes.

While d.a.c. isn’t ready Ioan's plantamplifier.com is, yet lacks any impressive reseller plan or delivery infrastructure on any level after 10 years. Columbus. chimorel.com and Nubianhouse.com could change that by 10/1; If given the proper terms. Scroll intro docs on Ioan Davidoni quantic era products-available with reseller options via we goodenow@yahoo.com and see chimorel site sub domain by 10/1 text 936-718-2747

Seabed threat is overrated says, Columbia university's David Archer; permafrost and Jetstream changes are priorities.

Arctic warming, stalling jet stream, may increase climate extremes 50% by 2100. phasing out coal is key.

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