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137 Arctic Climate Tesla 2 Event

Millions can learn of it, 1-3 million USD will fund it and billions will benefit.

This article may run in polar connect.org's magazine, the nunataryuk project-13 country network and the Alaska dispatch. Arctic circle nations can vie for taking over or taking care of, much of the earth's thermostat at their peril or profit.

The Arctic event is the opposite of the 1908 Tunguska, Siberia event when 80 million trees were felled in minutes by an unexplained event. It’s Ioan Davidoni's -called today's Tesla see davidoni.ro quantic era safe, practical science proposal to quickly keep global temperatures from rising past 1.5C so many pacific island nations can stay alive and later thrive.

As Tesla's A.C., safely lit the world, starting with Chicago's 1893 world fair -witnessed by 27 million making it the new era standard for electric devices Davidoni empowers all native cell to biome signals neutralizing all nonnatives weeding and feeding the climate garden with quantic era Subatomic to macro, interdisciplinary and inter dimensional science. 

Quantum, biophotonic and many wave forms are synthesized in an entangled mosaic where milestone results are readily seen.

70-90 % of Emissions and deforestation are from the top 100 corporations funded by the largest banks. We applaud carbon engineering's air to fuel.

All vehicles retrofit and their industrial applications which may direct air convert millions of co2 tons yearly. Our Nubian house of nubian.com associate, shipping health and environmental products in all countries for 20 years could have millions mass adopting the air 2 fuel auto retrofit and Davidoni climate care products in record time.

Permafrost soil, 25% of earth’s surface stores 4 times more co2 than the atmosphere 

Sea floor carbon is 99 times more and unchecked could release a 50 gigaton

Pulse in the next 9 months to 3 years ;all within weeks. See thirdpole.net. theemfcrisis.com and PhD cell biologist, Dr. Martin pall shows the hidden hand 3-100 g emf factor which quantic era science is prepared to resolve.

Quantic era science is outlined in a 13 article series on the global restoration menu of goldenopportunitiesdevelopment.com

Sites may be Pleistocene park. Iceland's Aldine bio-dome, Norilsk and Cherskly, Russia, Nuuk, capital of Greenland now greatest contributor to global sea level rise, Longtearbyen, Norway world's fastest warming city and the Antarctic, losing 6 times more ice yearly than four decades ago.

Yatusk, Russia is the largest perma city, pop.300,000

Ullan Bator, Mongolia's capital, pop. 1/3 million has engineering firm ecos & emi trialing glacier tech that geologist robin Grayson says can keep any northern nation cool. Anyone 1 of the 13 Arctic Nations could lead the world to a safe climate in 1 year with Ioan Davidoni's 800 mile radius safe climate oases, details go public 10/6/19.

We may reduce emissions; yet once a Permafrost tip point arrives, an uncontrollable hothouse earth will be unstoppable.

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