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134 Join Tesla 2 Safe Climate New Army Now

Some say it was Tesla's particle beam that accidentally felled 80 million trees in minutes in the 1908 Tunguska, Siberia event. Others say it was a meteor.

With climate crisis noted by the NY climate strike, only mega large scale Tesla 2 deployments will avert a planet few species, including you, will survive on planting 1 billion trees like Pakistan and 4 billion like Ethiopia, turkeys 2 million acre reforestation and Tony Rinaudos -fmnr-240 million agroforestry trees planted in 20 countries. Reduce, reuse and recycle, cannabis to renew health and hemp for profit an renewing soil health, indigo ag with 4 billion, 4 per 1,000, climate for future will all cool the earth, project drawdown; yet not even close to the action that most people can take now with tesla 2 Elon is not in this hyper loop mass transit to a safe earth at the last hour.

Climate newbies can catch up with 350 .org and daily updates of safe, hyper fast, proven and practical Tesla 2 solutions at global restoration menu docs at golden opportunities set.com.

Permafrost-25% of earth's surface, has -1.6 trillion tons, 4 times the atmospheric carbon, methane and sea floor permafrost perhaps 99 times that. nonprofits, the Caribbean accelerator, nori.com, Global carbon farmers, new green deal, tribal and collective hemp farmers: may note; all their personal, social and environmental plans and actions may be multiplied myriad times by the new Tesla Ioan Davidoni-davidoni.ro, plant amplifier.com and global restoration menu manifestos at golden opportunities development.com.

With 900 inventions and many more to follow, 52 global patents; we gently suggest 1 hour of objective due diligence may potentially give trillions of earth residents 2.0 hope for themselves and the earth itself. Plant amplifier.com products alone have 20 verifying studies and would impress NASA if they cared to investigate. If you do, 5-10 minutes on these sites will warrant texting 936 718 2747.

Mega earth restoration is key-what if Tesla 2 magnifies all best efforts-micro to macro? The ocean stores 25% of all human made emissions says Stanford Woods Institute's Nicole Kravic. Any reader may volunteer this document to any earth student.

Tesla 1 lit a city for the first time in history in 1893 and the first drone in 98. Now article drones monitor a hothouse earth. See National Geographic September. These drones and Alaska's permafrost pros could quickly find if Ioan Davidoni products could be the magnifying tower, flip the switch to banish climate darkness from within every cell and biome. Text 936 718 2747. Now all may grow a safe climate in little, far less money and effort with the most multi-disciplinary multi-dimensional, user friendly and highest planetary standards from all perspectives.

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