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Archaea and ormus combination products formula is part of learning from the 3 Terabytes of alchemy science inherited by Ray Hamilton; with ten years of being a formulator of over 1600 products, described on multiple websites ,some of which are about the new product at www.ArchaeaMinerals and is meant to enhance all plant enhancements and trials to amplify plant amplifier may start by Nov 2019.

Archaea Benefits for plants.

 The Archaea are microorganisms similar to bacteria that work in the soil to release greater amounts of nutrients so the plant can take in nutrition as required. There is a natural cooperation developed between Archaea and beneficial bacteria making them more effective as a group.

Archaea also breaks down organic matter into usable forms that plant roots and mycorrhizal fungi can identify, absorb, and ultimately incorporate for new growth. There has been some interesting research in Europe indicating that Archaea have an important role in the nitrogen cycle, one that is completely different than the traditional role limited to bacteria only.

You can think of the mycorrhizal fungi as an extension of the plant roots allowing the plant to use more of the nutrients the Archaea have made available.

Imagine a family all sitting around the dinner table with different kinds of food all along the center of the table – where most of the food is in unopened cans. The Archaea are the can openers, allowing the food to be available but only to the people right in front of the food. If you hand some of the people 2-foot long forks (aka mycorrhizal fungi) they can grab food from anywhere on the table – allowing them a more varied diet and therefore a healthier life.

Basic info on Archaea used in a garden situation.

John Evans, the Alaska giant attained Guinness book of world records for cash crops yield and nutrient density using archaea and other approaches. Archaea was essential to John Evans to winning 9 Guinness book of world records for largest and most nutrition's vegetables including a 22 lb carrot, 35 lb broccoli and 45 red cabbage. World’s record for corn with highest sugar and nutrient content (brix) with the stalk of corn with seven ears and each ear was 11 inches in length. Archaea could be a super nutrient for any plant or forest reforestation in any climate

These unicellular organisms are .05 micron is largest and smallest is .005 micron in diameter and with each cell multiplying every twenty minutes.

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