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131 Cooler Planet by 2021

Using quantic era climate amplifiers by 3/3/19, in areas where receptivity to sea change super science and temperature change is greatest, could start averting unstoppable planetary meltdown and chaos.

Quantic era tech is on a par with and, in many ways, more important than the Tesla's modern lighting, human flight and space travel, none of which will restore the world to the natural order it was created for.

Q.E.C.A. quantic era amplifiers are proven to improve all climate factors for an 800 mile radius and will compliment all climate restoration best practices in Paul Hawken's book, "Draw Down." Paul Hawken has 50 books on environmental restoration and from this moment is invited to advise us in any manner.

Ironically, the provider of the global solution for the quantic safe climate era is also in San Mateo, California and yet they have no association currently with Paul Hawken.

Permafrost mass rapid transit to a reversal of climate heating misfortunes may be in Russia, with the most arctic zone cities, Pakistan-rated by the UN as the 6th most climate change affected country, Fairbanks and Juneau, Alaska, Greenland, Iceland and Finland. Any trial results with the first adopter could incentivize all to join the coolest campaign in the history of humanity at no risk.

The scale of North America permafrost climate change is such that Canada's permafrost has receded northward 120 kilometers in the last 50 years, says Kevin Shafer from US. national snow and ice center. Youtube.com show Tibet avalanches of thawing permafrost and Greenland's transformation.

Methane digesting microbes could be the major climate saviors. MacArthur genius award winning biologist, Victoria Orphan says microbial global engineering is older than our climate and could be leveraged by scientists to win the carbon methane conversion Olympics. One to two percent of deep sea has been studied and deep earth microbes that cycle harmful compounds to useful ones for people are a parallel phenomenon. Deep sea & earth microbial supplements could be key to the earth’s restoration.

Is any one combining these two bio-remediation worlds? We are. Our east coast coordinator has access to the original archaea data set inherited from Carl Oppenheimer which has been further refined.


.... there were more archaea that could take energy from methane through AOM (Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane)

This result is not surprising, as AOM is an inefficient method for archaea to produce energy. Therefore, it seems that when there are not many better options available, AOM-capable archaea activate the system and can produce energy when other species are dying off from starvation. In the chemical reactions to oxidize methane, archaea require electron acceptors to take the place of oxygen. Sulfate, iron, or nitrate could all serve this role. The researchers found that with the combination of location and metabolism, these archaea could not fit under any existing classifications. Noticing that there were two similar, but still distinct, groupings of species, they called them the Deep Submarine Permafrost Euryarchaeotal Groups I and II (2). Besides discovering new species, the most impressive finding was that these archaea oxidized 72–86% of the methane in these deep ocean sediments (2). These never-before-identified archaea thus could contribute substantially to global cycles by reducing the amount of methane release by thawing permafrost.

The identification of these AOM archaea demonstrates the versatility of microorganisms and reminds us all that their contributions to global cycles cannot be ignored. Melting permafrost still poses a major threat to the balance of global systems, but new models to predict increases in greenhouse gases — and the results that might affect humans — can now include a few more organisms helping us out. While AOM archaea cannot put methane back into ocean permafrost, their conversion of methane into carbon dioxide could lessen the extent of the damage. The discovery doesn’t provide a solution, and in fact still involves the release of a greenhouse gas: CO2. Nonetheless, preventing the release of that much methane is no small feat for these microscopic organisms. In the face of seemingly insurmountable global challenges, it’s nice to know we might have a little help.


Some suggest the 1908 Siberian explosion flattening 80 million trees in minutes was due to Tesla tele force particle beam trial gone awry. Some say the tungusta event was from a comet. The point is only unprecedented super natural mega, sea change science can intercede now. We humbly invite all too quickly evaluate our offer that need not exclude anyone.

See our articles The Mammoth Promise of Siberian Archaea and Archaea and Climate Change Solutions.

All inquiries can start with a text to our coordinator at 936 718 2747 on the east coast.

See Julia Jackson on scalable permafrost and arctic ice restoration as history's greatest crisis and the ice911.org solution.

The oldest thickest sea ice has declined by 95% with biblical Red Sea algae on the rise in the Atlantic and Pacific, from California to Canada to Iceland. Read the woodshole institute researchers eloquent articles on why everyone's hottest problem is in the coolest ecosystems in the world. Search Max Holmes and Susan Natali.

Permafrost zone cities with the most ability to amplify the trials of quantic era safe climate amplifiers are -in order of wealth and influence-

1-Moscow 2-Saint Petersburg, 3-Nadym, 4-Polyarnne zori, 5-Tyumen, 6-Krasnodar, 7-Rostov -on-don, 8-Yekaterinburg, 9-Kazan, 10-Novosibirsk-

Russia has 33 top security cities due to military and natural resources. See rbth.com Russia is the wealthiest nation founded on permafrost. And potentially the greatest doorway to the quantic era out of the greatest need and the greatest incentive and ability to run with promise of a cooler nation and safe climate global leader.

Anyone, or all of, these Nordic nations could win real safe climate Olympic gold by trial quantic era safe climate amplifiers: Norway (Worlds second GDP), Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, Canada, Romania Latvia and Poland.

References: Enr.gov.nt.ca


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