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129 PlantAmplifier.com Can Accelerate New Texas Hemp Growth

Texas hemp farming will start in 2020. Farmers must learn how to grow hemp that suits there locale, find processors, markets and infrastructure. Village Farms stock (stock symbol VFF) quadrupled when they announced they will retrofit half of their 5 million square feet of Texas greenhouse space for hemp. Village Farms owns and operates seven greenhouse facilities in British Columbia where their experts produces legal cannabis. They have a head start with 30 years of dealings with complex government regulations.

Texas is the second largest state with vast agricultural land and beacons like Texas A&M. The road to a Texas ‘Hempire’ may be sooner than most can imagine with some virally catalytic amplifier factors. With 50,000 uses, the popularity of hemp flower oil is exploding. Morgan Paxhia self-funded a 160 acre hemp grow-processing system with $3 million in College Station, Texas.

The small town of Schulenberg, Texas began a medical cannabis dispensary for Knox medical in 2018. Knox says similar towns may outgrow a century of conditioning about cannabis and discover it’s a multi-billion dollar economy for the restoration of people's health, soil, and economy.

Texas resident, Greg McIver, is licensed PlantAmplifier.com reseller. PlantAmplifer’s products have improved yields of dozens of crop varieties including, hemp, cannabis, vegetables, citrus, coffee etc. The academic proof is so next generation that newcomers are challenged to believe university studies.

To get momentum for our resellers and potential customers, for a limited time PlantAmplifier’s east coast marketing director is shipping enough product to treat 1/4 acre for any crop for free with no obligation to any commercial grower. This offer covers product and shipping costs. Text 936 718 2741 for shipping arrangements, reseller media or partnership inquiries.Our first press release is scheduled for September 10th, 2019. Two publicly held hemp and cannabis companies will have completed trials of PlantAmplifier products by September 15th.

We have amplified terpinolenes in plants 1,200 %, grown blue berries in the snow in Northern California and will present to Caribbean ministers of agriculture, forestry and fisheries by September 21st. PlantAmplifier quantic era life science enhances entire ecosystems and promise to reinvent climate restoration affordably and quickly to scale the $100 trillion safe climate-carbon economy.

We invite everyone to grow with super pure, no risk PlantAmplifier.com products. PlantAmplifier.com displays the promises of cellular protection and enhancement for plants and people. More information is on the Global Restoration menu on GoldenOpportunitiesDevelopment.com with science and commercial development news. The site of PlantAmplifier inventor and quantic era originator is www.davidoni.ru. Ioan Davidoni is known as the modern day Nicola Tesla. As much as I admire the one who first lit the world from within, what can be said of the one who can light the world within all cells?

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