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127 Cosmic Safe Climate Cannabis

A master cannabis grower of 40 years and a master multi disciplinary scientist, with 55 years and 900 inventions and more to arrive;  is being heralded as the next Nicola Tesla, whose products are growing cannabis, like the earth has never seen.  After 40 years of testing hundreds of plant varieties, soil, water and light advancements, pollinators, Dan Carlson’s sonic bloom and more; new yield and bio-compounds are on the threshold of a star dust dream, converted to real super grow; affordable, user friendly and super natural product science.

See for free, with no obligation, in 3-4 weeks after we ship a free amount-even paying shipping -enough to try 15, 20 or 25 grams on a minimum of any 3 cannabis plants at any stage, in any indoor or outdoor environment.  This limited time offer allows the best, yet most skeptical growers to have a no risk chance to make safe climate history.  One study alone increased  terpinolenes  1400 % in fruit varieties and 25% higher corn yield and in another case grew blueberries in the snow in Northern California.  Yet in another amplifier trial, the world’s most productive wheat turned into real wonder bread 12 different ways.  See the studies by scrolling through 13 articles,where you find lab reports, ingredient details,press releases and interest from several publicly held companies and ag university professors who are starting our limited time offer.  Reach for the stars and go beyond.
After 12,000 years or more of cannabis and hemp victories and losses you can get the climate high with quantic era amplifiers for land, sea, air and all earths residents and resources.
While inventory, generosity and the practicality of doing this lasts,  since we want to grow a profit making venture, for us and all trial participants; text our sole agent for the grow your own quantic era world trial.  Text 936 718 2741 on the east coast .
See the plant  planet people amplifier  
Interview on 9/3,11:45 est on Lancaster farming.com.see for your self, if the science of unimpeded growth is real- on your terms,in your world.

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