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126 The Tibetan Plateau Permafrost alone is 965,300 Square Miles of Frozen Ground; Much of it Frozen for 100’s of Thousands of years

Some parts of Russia are warming 2 to 3 Times faster than any other part of the world.  50% of Russia’s permafrost,60% of its landmass could melt by 2050;the tipping point time frame when nothing can stop it is anybody’s guess.
The atmosphere holds 850 gigatons of co2 in the atmosphere 1.2 trillion tons -a terraton.  The earth’s total permafrost has 14,000 tons.
Methane 10 times more potent than co2 with planetary pathogens and unfriendly metals are being released from the arctic seabed as it warms.
Since Russia is the worlds largest land mass it may be affected more by climate change than any other nation.2/3 of its ecosystems are based on permafrost.
The managers of Siberia’s 50 square mile acre Pleistocene park report its 17 degrees cooler than its surroundings; minus 24 compared to minus 7.an amazing proof of concept that requires a far cooler improvement which we predict will happen after a modest trial on1/8 to 1 of the 16 acres;spreading as little as 2.2 pounds on 1 acre of quantic era crystals.its 40 .super pure ingredients are sourced from 6 countries and many are listed in an exhaustive lab report on the patent holder’s site,davidoni.ro as part of a study on its agricultural and ecosphere effects.
We will donate the materials and shipping costs and await a reply after emailing this overview and proposal on-.quantic era crystals are documented to continue climate remediation for 7-30 years after one application and are very inexpensive.
We have evidence that Arctic waters and seabed’s could rapidly regain a temperature normalcy .
Aerial spraying could easily work since we’ve used that method. Whats more;research indicates the accumulative and ecosystems synergetics are geometrical in their accelerated benefits and duration.
One of our researchers has the original data set on archea which may be a pivotal dynamic and is a vast conversation outlined on the global restoration menu of our 3 sites which is golden opportunities development mbt.com at 029,053,054,020,025,026,046,048 &049.our primary sites are davidoni.ro and plant amplifier.com

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