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125 Ethiopia's Abiy Ahmed Joins Safe Climate Elite

To paraphrase Mark Twain, people talk climate. Few renew it.  

Ethiopia is Africa's second most populated nation. They have now joined the league of climate justice heroes. Ethopia's prime minster Abiy Ahmed coordinated the planting of 350 million seedlings this year in 12 hours on July 30th as one part of his green legacy challenge campaign. Ethiopia will plant 4 billion by the fall of 2019. That trumps many United States politician proposals that cost trillions and many years. Ethiopia is paying their citizens to plant the seeds of change in a global safe climate era.

Climatologists say that out of the top six most climate affected countries, Pakistan is the most affected. Pakistan's prime minister Imran Khan planted 1 billion trees in 2 years and will plant 9 billion in 5 years. One part of the already started plan is their use of 40 varieties of native non GMO saplings, 1,000 new nurseries and employing thousands of local residents. Other parts of the new national green economy include emissions reduction, electric vehicles and more. Faster forests are growing the future now with the grounded vision of Pakistan and others.

One of the most visionary inventors of plant product growth amplifiers is Ioan Davidoni. In Romania he is known by insiders as the new Nicola Tesla. He proposes at no cost to prove his quantic era science that amplifies all reforestation and biological climate mitigation technology by an order of magnitude of 10 to 100 with little material input and little to no training and maintenance.

We are in the process of contacting the top 13 mega safe climate action directors, some of whom are listed here, to personally extend the quantic era global restoration invitation. See thirdpole.net.

Mega climate hero Tony Renaudo's www.fmnrhub.com.au is currently working in 20 countries. He has grown more Agro-forests faster and cheaper with less training than anyone else. These agro-forests produce massive soil carbon storage and socio-economic upliftment. He is hoping to expand to 100 countries. 

We offer to be a quantum leap collaborator and co-promoter for all who will take care of nature and offer an option to those poised to assist nature. 24 % of the earths Northern surface is permafrost. Preventing the melting of this permafrost will prevent 1.6 trillion tons of carbon, methane, mercury, arsenic and unfriendly microbes from being released. Currently there are only 2 permafrost conservation and reforestation projects. One is run by China along the Tibetan plateau. All projects desperately need a proven, safe, fast and economical amplification. 

Siberia's 6 square mile success template has more earth and economic potential than the London square mile. Its temperature is 17 degrees less than its surroundings. To scale up to 40 million square miles of earth's permafrost we will need a drastic intervention from every scientific discipline and invention.

Pakistan plans planting 150 million more hectares by 2020.

They aim to plant 350,000 hectares with project director Mohammed Tehmasip.

D.C International union for conservation director, Inger Anderson praised Pakistan as the first country to meet and exceed the Bonn challenge for nation reforestation.

The prime minister's climate change advisor Malik Amin Aslam will help the nation to tech the 350 million hectares reforested by 2030.

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