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121 History's Largest, Hottest Challenge & Coolest Opportunity.

As 5 Nations contest rights over arctic seabed’s and its 30 trillion in resources, Pleistocenepark.ru may have the seed of earths greatest ROI in its 6 square mile area, 17 degrees cooler than its surroundings.

They're restoring a 2.6 million year old grassland ecosystem to avert an irreversible hothouse earth with an ice age flora and fauna. The permafrost zone ceo freezes 1.4 trillion tons of carbon, unfriendly microbes, arsenic and mercury dwarfing Australia 's 2.9 million square miles with its total 40 million, comprising 24% of the earth land mass. Hemp the best plant for soil carbon storage grows wild in Russia on 2.5 million hectares while the government deems g-7 Canada's cannabis cultivation legalization a breach of international law.

Ioan Davidoni, see Davidoni.ro, proposes a super accelerator no risk trial on 1/4 acre with a micro amount of quantic era crystals predicting major advancement in as little as 30 days with this super pure formula described by a distinguished European lab on the first article on the global restoration menu of www.goldenopportunitiesdevelopment.com

Putin says Russian temperatures are rising 2 1/2 times the global average and recently ratified the 2015 Paris climate agreement. The German center for international security affairs says the kremlin knows climate change will affect social order and citizen’s confidence in the government.

Trump says the weathers fine, while heat related deaths in California alone rose doubled 2015 and 2017. David Hondula, Arizona State’s geographical sciences and urban planning says the southwest has no strategy as the condition may amplify virally. Plantamplifier.com suggest antidotes for the planetary body from Phoenix to Pakistan, Iceland to the Caribbean accelerator's search for the worlds safe climate zone tech which only the originator of quantic era science has, even for category 5 storms that increase in occurrence and duration yearly as well as a full range of other meteorological disorders to be documented and shared with discretionary and qualified parties via goldenopportunitiesdevelopment.com by 9/30 with a mega radius effect 1,000 times beyond current ausntic era crystals, octagrams and the mini pyramids as seen at davidoni.ro and in the 13 articles on the global restoration menu of goldenopportunitiesdevelopment.com.

Beringia sea levels measured in meters from 21,000 years ago to present

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