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120 Super Crops for Cool Climate Economy

Leanado Narloch's New York Times 8/27 rainforest regeneration views are based on his Saopaulo residency and astute investigation reporting.

45% of Brazil's Amazonia 23 million need employment, medications and power.

Locals will care for rainforests after leaving survivors status and using a renewable model beyond slash and burn for new farm land when they experience a far higher return on a system that that proves it renews them.

Narloch says corn production rose 480% due to pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Rice rose 43%. Its cropland fell 70%. Corn gains alone prevent cultivation of land the size of California. Free range cattle is deforestation's main cause.

plantamplifier.com's many super crops transformations are greatly documented and virtually unknown. We will pay the cost and shipping of plant amplifier to show we can grow a cool climate with empowered and included inhabitants of all socio economic and academic backgrounds on any scale in record time.

We need administrative help to continue this and other offers to trial our super grow tech at no obligation. To buy; see plantamplifier.com or email the host of chimeral.org- we.goodenow@yahoo.com. Professional growers of any plant may text 936-718-2647 while our inventory lasts; to arrange complimentary products and protocols.

The inventor’s site is davidoni.ro and the first library of quantic science journalism, curriculum and quantic era profit and nonprofit making opportunities are in 13 articles on the global restoration menu of www.goldenopportunitiesdevelopment.com. Request our press release slated for 9/9/19 via ereleases.com and learn of our multimedia rollout to rival amazon.com shipping empire and be a trillion dollar good apple that remediates EMF harmful to people and plants as shown by Dr. Martin Pall, retired senior biochemist and cell biologists who advised me to prove quantic era life science can protect and improve all genetics in history's most challenging climate.

Bioethnol labs found amplified corn had 1,400 times more active principles & 30 % less defective kernels. We seek to amplify any crop in the amazon.

We need multilingual and minority advisers, partners and volunteers.

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