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119 Climate Resonance Restored

History's only 3 time Nobel prize winner, Linus Pauling's 1948 treatise, noted all things and beings, in order to maintain, repair and evolve, despite internal and external terrain and climate, need specific materials in specific forms and ratios, he quantified, for human wellbeing, on the atomic level citing the periodic chart of all known elements.

He, Nicola Tesla, Royal Raymond rife and scientists for millennia not only knew the integrity of the material universe is entangled with myriad wave forms, oscillations and truly hyperlinked; their innovative technologies neutralized the signals dissonant to life whether made by nature, people, or a combination. Furthermore they were amplified in a stable manner.

Linus Pauling’s team found geophysical data showing the earth’s magnetic, generated, in part, by the poles, diminished 300 times since the 1500's since world leaders got the population majority to use foods and fuels that don't resonate with the innate coherence all things and beings strive for, knowingly and unknowingly. Call it a higher natural order as Walter Russell did, or happiness in attunement with the unified field of the universe.

The Schumann resonance, the time setter for circadian rhythms, human brain waves and other patterns central to all earth life has been 7.83 hertz for eons, moved to 16.5 in 2014 and recently to 30. This may be due in part to Astro physical cycles and some suspect the effects of global adoption of 3g and soon 5 -100 g that permeates and affects all cells and the climate. All tech can amplify the ecology. Besides changing our inner nature, mass adoption in the short time needed of quantic era science and products is the other side of the coin of the new realm that reflects and respects bio currents, the earth dollar, Nori.com and indigo ag being one of many new earth paradigms all of which can be enhanced by the quantic era science thousands, if not billions of times. Only viral geometric correction can amend fossil fuel and myriad contaminants despite the fatalism of filtered media and the best environmentalists and climatologists.

The quantic era foundation is in conversations with a growing variety of planetary reform visionary's from moderate to controversial to see how the quantic era founders can make the new era of health and wealth from high harmonics shared by 8 billion people and nature.

Linus Pauling's understudy of many decades, Peabody award winner, popular author and speaker. Dr. A Trueott is joining the mutual vetting of the quantic era team and products to see if plant amplifier.com, the primal code keeper of quantic era products, quality control and global distribution have a commonality worthy of partnership. If the quantic era is not a household name with millions of users by 2020, amplified by a dozen other global influencers, we’ll have a rapidly diminishing return of likely hood the quantic era invitation will not be accepted on any meaningful scale to conference create the safe climate that is now reachable to speed due diligence evaluation by influencers in all categories we're shipping quantic era products for plants, peoples and planet at our costs including shipping. Inquire by texting 936 718 2647. Purchase via www.plantamplifier.com or Warren Goodenow in Columbus ew.goodenow@yahoo.com His Chimeral.org will give quantic era science and products details by 9/21 .

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