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117 High Rise Reforestation

High Rise Reforestation

Since Canada plants 190 million saplings a year and some pine species have grown 10-30 feet in the first year when they never surpass 1 to 2; we're broad casting some sacred seeding’s, perhaps geofield.com treated, to our northern neighbor and the blue mountain forests and coffee of Jamaica where the airs blue, due to conifers light refractance.

Climate strong plants-the international forestry journal's 2010 ,radio frequency effects on quaking aspens in Lyons, CO. , by Katie Haggerty is a landmark revelation on the emf effect on climate extremes and the Carbon draw-down impedes of trees and all plants.

Entrusted.org, emfcrisis.org, lessemf.com, and real natural.org complete the global picture. We know of no more comprehensive solution to protecting ecosystems and economies for local empowerment than the geofield farming.com bio tech ,tested in 20 countries for 34 years.with no apparent downside it will amplify any best practice anywhere, be it biodiverse, social driven forestry, selective logging leaving legacy trees unfelled, species bio diverse reforestation like Pakistan's tsunami reforestation, Turkey's affostation, Brazil's muvucca, the Caribbean accelerator project, the Tibetan plateau, Africa's green wall, the fmnr system of Tony Rinaudo -in 25 countries for over 15 years and many of the more innovative U.S. department of forestry branches like N.M., C.O., UT., R.I. ,and N.Y. the carbon draw down achievements by trees, U.S.D.A validated for soil secrets.com, working with Sandia labs and loss Lunas labs, employing electron microscopes to advance reforestation and soil ecology as never before; has expressed preliminary interest as has soilcquest.austrilia.org and champion trees in Michigan, about synergies with their paradigms and that of geofieldfarming.com. After decades of privately funded research in the millions of dollars we have a unified agro forestry, and more user friendly technology available on a no risk basis to select participants with a focus now on North American deployment.

Since 30 million acres of tropical forests were lost in 2018 reported by forest watch satellite scan;rhode island's forest service director of applied climate science quipped," we can't afford to wait till we know everything before we try new approaches.---new paragraph--in Cleveland,Australia,1,500 miles from Perth,a smallentrusted.orgentrusted.orgSilent,geofield hub has helped some trees,that never grow past 9 to 12 inches in the first year-according to the department of agriculture-grow 10 feet ,and in some cases 30 feet in the first year,in a 60 mile radius.a friend of mine visited there for a week to investigate.corn yields tripled in drought where temperatures were 105 for twenty days in succession.theres been a 12 year drought in that vicinity and Geofield biophotonics requiring no power,has used there for 6 years;neutralizing the stress response to emf for all biota without disrupting power transmission or the performance of any electronic device.

Corollary data to reflect how harmonics can naturally achieve such climate security is found by searching dr.phil Callahan-paramagnetism,bill lindos,Belize ag,8/1/13 drought.com and n.m.fs.fed.us and the work of agronomist and engineer,Georges Lakhovsky admired by the original Tesla and the modern innovations combined with ancient indigenous science used by don James Drought - American AuthorJames Drought, American Authordrought.com Jose Carmen and Dr. Tim Atkinson with the collaboration of the Mexico's university of Chapinga ;perhaps the largest agricultural school. Like most universities there's a synthetic school of thought often in contrasts to true bio mimetic ,theoretical and applied science. Electocure and magneto culture.com,4/25/18 physics world.com, Dan Carlson original sonic bloom,effective microorganisms.com and sea-crop.com show myriad products and protocols complimentary to geofield's composite science developed by dozens of environmental scientists.we wish to share the new biophotonic science with any qualified individuals who meet our ecological and or economic standards and are featuring many on sovereign hero radio, syndicated on 100 stations, recorded every Tuesday 2:00 -3:00 EST and archived on amfm247.com. Our website may post innovations by others that offer objective proof that climate solutions are here to make the difference at scale and in the short time required to enable and include billions of people.zoom conferences on allforesaid data, without prejudice can be arranged by texting 281 210 8245. a N.Y. contact got some initial interest from a director from the Canadian forestry department which plants 195 million saplings a year. The enquireries range from publicly held hemp companies to avacadoe and cherimoya orchard managers in Michoacán so we will take counsel on how best to accountably manage the growing interest in geo bio photonics with those in North America at this time.


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