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116 Tropic restoration of community, climate, and ecosystems

Tropic restoration of community, climate, and ecosystems—the 73 million tree, 70,000 hectare, 6 year XIngu Watershed Plan—is the largest rainforest project ever with 2 million trees planted, much of which integrates farming.
The aim is 12 million hectares reforested by 2030. Dr.M. Sanjayan, Conservation International CEO says it's the first biodiverse reforestation at scale, speed and economy


Muvuca, Portuguese for many people in one place, is a strategy invented in 2014 by Roderigo Medeiros, Conservation International V.P.

2,000 locals work in any given hectare. Over 2,000 tree, shrub, grasses and medicinal plants are planted per square meter letting nature's natural selection decide what combinations and densities will thrive. Seeds are two-thirds less costly than saplings and are often mailed to planting locations.

The XIngu Seed Network started in 2007 with 5 people and now involves 500. Its site mails 180 varieties.

Mixes are tailored to soil type, climate and land owners plans. The mixes sprout generalist, pioneer species first, creating conditions for more demanding specialist species. The mix is changed as growers learn what works best.

Communities and small family farmers own the project. Families earn $700 per hectare and sign agreements to hasten  restoration.

In one area, ground was shaded in months by legume shrubs. In 3 years, density-matched native forests and plants needed no maintenance. Seventy one tons of seeds from 285 native non-gmo species made $380,000 for 300 collectors from 17 indigenous communities & eighteen rural settlements. The campaign includes 24 municipalities in Matto Grasso with 300 landowners.

Mivucca is lauded by Bayer, who bought Monsanto, on bayer.com. Ponder the puzzle and get the free app, integrating crop production and biodiversity.

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