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113 Ghana manna plan has now sprouted!  How to grow the seeds of a 5th state world

Ghana’s visionary agroforestry leaders choose 5th state seeds of freedom – on 1/25/19; starting small yet mighty, like a redwood seed, a new chapter for Africa and humanity may have started by a pilot purchase of golden opportunities development mbt agroforestry solutions.  Choosing formulas, some versions of which reverted gmo soybeans to heirloom genetics 100% in 2 weeks; the seeds of new eco systems self-correcting and thriving in a synthetic global climate gone “south” due to human error may show the path to natures solutions for a climate smart world; based on golden opportunities development mbt’s collective life times of frontier R & D spanning most countries past & present; we invite all to watch the organic growth, or hasten it, with their own modest trials of super science creating its own organic fair money bio currency.

     We predict first, second, and 3.0 fifth state plants will call upon natures atomic and subatomic database via a miesner field effect to compute all answers to deal with climate mistakes and synthetic elements in land, sea, air, and ourselves create a cascade of super food easy to take red pill solutions since all answers stem from the potential with every cell well beyond the relative laws of thermodynamics which can’t conceive of natural super conductive quantum evolution available to all truly beyond a left brain centric world view.

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