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112 Harnessing plants initiative-partners needed for in time super plants ending carbon crisis

The Salk Institute wants perennial, non-GMO food crops, sown no till, to store 20 times more carbon in 5 years. Used on 5% of the earth's farmland. The math shows 50% of all co2 would be stored long term. Given what science they could enlist; that others may bring; they haven't consider they think they need 10 years and 50 million.

Ours and other's super plant science may do this and more since 1+1 synergetics may make 11. We have biblical garden of Eden plant solutions and an Old Testament budget with less time than money. 1776 volunteers could let such minute man science teams that there are Lafayette's who could make their evolutionary war a success. Your resourceful help could grow the new world that's needed before it gets more difficult than it is.

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