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111 Currency Climate Correction

Global fiat failure viral domino ala Brexit, Venezuela, Greece needs a mass adoption sea change antidote. There's been 2 US government shutdowns in one year with the US $20 trillion in deficit and unlikely to ever pay the interest short of a wizard of Oz sci fi Midas touch turning all our above ground 9999 gold into 12,9's atomically pure King Solomon's gold. New climate storms put America's 4th largest city in a $100 billion backlash in weeks and ditto for Puerto Rico with $82 billion, over $50 billion for Pakistan droughts and dramatic ice pack loss like Bhutan.

Unlike FDR's new deal that made citizens trade most of their gold and silver for paper and then raise the price of gold like Genghis Khan did in Marco Polo's day and the pharoahs in Moses' time a shot that may be heard around the world happened on 1/19/19 when the C4 project North American launch happened in 3 major cities with an in person populist rally of over 30,000 and 1,000's online.

A free app gives anyone a 3-10% discount in dozens of brand name stores. 200,000 merchants await to create a globally fair fiat crypto hybrid that could charm Andrew Jackson's and leader.com who claims the Bitcoin, Facebook core patents. Out of 3,000 cryptos and 100's of blockchain I haven't seen anything like this including the top 10 by volume usual suspects lauded by crypto billionaires. Is C4 the bitcoin opportunity for billions as BitMinutes bills itself? I hope many are! C4 seems a manifest destiny from day 1. A populist crypto is next; self financed with no ICO at that. See YouTubes and lifeleadership.com. I hope C4 co-ventures with StealthGrid.com and other rare peers yet they may go their own way; I can't say. Their CTO was adroitly interviewed by Aaron Mackley on 1/22, 19 & 26 on Sovereign Hero Radio archived on amfm247.com.

Mobiles are the most mass adopted human made phenomena with 8 billion served in as little as 30 years. StealthGrid.com is share housing 200,000 EMF Free crypto phones with no cell tower satellite providers required - these hurricane proof 5th state freedom forever phones could preinstall the C4 crypto, prosperism.net, auton.io and the Lafayette liberty crypto and be a part of the Wyoming blockchain coalition digital bank not to mention Skycoin.net and hellogold.com and you could add a dash of dash coin for social good measure. It's registered WiFi mesh will make Democratic mobile global unlikely to ever come from what will be a 2T Apple empire who will not likely address emf facts.com realities and stop selling your data like Facebook and most of the digital paths you travel. Ono.chat is an ethical peer of this rare crowd and the synergies are world liberating if the helms women and men see this as so. Back doors abound in most of the secure apps and comm lines users bet their fortunes on every day. MCS USA.com - see Stopcellbills.com deserves a mention here and may grow to greatness via their now relatively unknown users and distributors.

Mark Saunders wants to private label the StealthGrid phone as a 5th state mobile in Africa with his partner Abdul Razak Harruna; in Ghana and beyond. Complimentary mobiles may be available by February for those who show in writing why they would make good distributors with updated bios and no exclusive or retainer demands. StealthGrid has calls from Presidents of nations so now a distributor status is a privilege first and an economic opportunity second. Phones will retail at a suggested $600 here and $60 in the third world.

San Diego's harnessing plant initiative wants to breed non GMO perennial no till food crops permanently storing 30 times more carbon in the soil, on Egypt sized, 5% of the world's dry land farms mitigating 50% of our carbon deficit. They think it will take $10 million they don't have and 5 years if they do; to super enhance the subrin plant molecule in ocean forests of kelp and sea grass. The carbon meisner of the tree world is the super subrin of the red mangrove and perhaps Borneo rain forest diptoterra varieties the greatest forest carbon sink could be the Ganges delta mangroves whose genetic legacy has never been interrupted by an ice age due to a coast to coast fence called the Himalayas. Again polymath partnerships are needed since no one legacy will be enough now.

Our universal cellular solutions could compliment the likes of soil scientists Carey Reams, Arden Anderson, Leonard Ridzons nutra carb, azomite, shungite Carbon 60 and the humid fulvic acid PhDs in America, Brian Desborough's work, desert control.com, groasis, grogenesis and nuclear.io.

5th state amendments are ratified every month as more formulators intuit how to more quickly unlock the recessive traits of all organisms for a fair hyperlinked living quantum coherent world, self healing, regenerative and redeeming.

We can evolve the world's native seed banks, 100 keystone species and the national names sake trees of nations like Ghana's cocoa, UAE's ghaf, the Lebanon cedars, the Mayan breadfruit and heirloom cannibas and hemp. This is sovereign potential of all beings and if we facilitate this and more we take no credit and ask for help to do all this and more by sharing what's been given and trying to engage in fair commerce; a delicate balance with no pre fab blue prince.

We'll call sw seed.com in New York and Lytham partners and see what they make of our efforts. The 2/12/18 ccn.acs.org articles describes the plant kingdoms challenge and how Brande Wulff, the John Innes Centre plans to feed 2 billion more people in less land and less water in 10 - 30 years. See YouTubes (speed breeding for a new climate etc.). Primary water works.org and primary water institute are more miracles gone begging for 70 years or so.

Gene drive could genetically reset any organisms and ecosystems in 3 months to 3 years says genetic literacy.org. The champion tree project may be gifted some solutions as the C4 rice project, the Land Institute with their perrenial kernza wheat, the World Coffee Research Group. We can use some heirloom coffee and native seeds from anywhere in trade for our own growing list of "school" science projects.


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