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110 Mangroves Restoration a Checkmate Play on the Climate Chessboard?


1 - Mangroves are as much, if not more, a tree keystone species for possibly a hundred thousand plus species from fresh to salt water fish, shrimp, crabs, shellfish, birds, bees, plankton, tigers, crocodiles, coral reefs, salt water marshes, etc.

2 – NASA caliber satellite studies reveal they sequester carbon 4-6 times more carbon than almost any tree(70% in the soil).

3 – Over 50% of the world’s population has been lost & they are being lost 3-4 times faster than any other tree.  1 billion tons of carbon are released from there loss every year & 1% of the total population of the world’s mangroves are lost every year.

4 – In 2018 Apple invested in mangrove restoration. In the first of its kind; on 9/13/18 Apple said they would protect and restore 27,000 acres of mangroves in Columbia, S.A. offsetting part of their carbon footprint. Part of the reason being, some estimates are that mangroves store 10 times more carbon per area than any other tree.

5 – Many if not most reforestation projects fail or are not maintained properly.

6 – Pakistan will plant 1.5 billion mangroves by 8/19 and planted 1 billion from 2014 – 2018 & has $1 billion to plant 10 billion native trees of over 40 varieties hiring local residents.

7 – Mangrove action network.org has one of the least cost labor intensive reforestation models.  Ecovia.org’s emr-ecological mangrove restoration seems effective and mangrove.org Eritrea restoration uses a methodology that works in the most demanding cases.

8 – Due to point 1; mangroves are more key to more ecologies, ecotourism locales and economies that depend on than any other tree by far and their 75 varieties, in 123 countries are in most tropical, subtropical aquatic zones on the equator.

9 – Their antibacterial, pest resistance and genetics are just starting to be understood.

10 – Like it or not, crisper and gets(genetic engineering technologies) will probably reinvent mangroves and possibly any plant, organism or organism, for better or worse in hopes they will be more adaptable to climate extremes and the new, and already in place, the nonbeneficial fungal, viral, bacterial and insects further enabled by new weather patterns.

11 – Golden Opportunities Development alleges they may contribute un unpredictable value to the whole systems advancement of any organism or ecosystems.

12 – The sundarban Ganges delta mangrove forest supports ¼ million people and is the oldest, largest mangrove ecosystem in earth and possibly the greatest single, per acre carbon sink with a 10,000 square kilometer area.

13 – The sundarban may be the earth’s greatest 5th state cellular nutrient sink due to details documented in our invest in keystone mangrove species elsewhere on our site or in our library files.

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