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108 First Unlimited Safe Clean Power

Our private, primary super science, physics Phd adviser will demonstrate giga to terra watt power in his Florida lab for a select group of 5 attendees.  One is a Fortune 500 exec and a “house hold name” in every developed country.  His attorney and a federal government representative will be there.  While they last; there are two more guests who may attend while the opportunity exists.  The historical milestone will be on 2/21 and Golden Opportunities Development MBT has until 2/15 to identify up to two guests whose visit must be approved by the inventor.  I can disclose his site and provide all legal, scientific validation in exchange for proof there are principles of any given company with either proof of operating capital or evidence of their owning or have majority ownership in a publicly held company.  Details will be disclosed in hours upon seeing credentials of interested parties.  The event will be under the protection of the highest security standards and all mutual nondisclosure standards will be observed.

No harmful emf is generated from this unheard-of tech that leaves the best solar, biofuel, wind, geothermal, thorium, tidal power, etc. on another planet.  Any scientist may witness and bring any monitoring technology under the right circumstances.  Several Fortune 100 companies have seen demonstrations of other real applications of what we call USA – United Sovereign Atoms.  This is the ultimate mastery of the super atom that Bhose & Einstein predicted 100 years ago and is accompanied by a perfected mathematical model with attendant hardware to generate such power and even retrofit solar, nuclear installations to do the same in an ultra bio safe climate.  If you know what 350.org is about and emf facts.com you may intuit the magnitude of these living solutions and their potential to address the UN 17 sustainable development goals.  Here’s New Years new era wishing a reader will make history with us or without us.  The cern collider installation can’t do what will be demonstrated and is unlikely to even announce such a milestone even if they could.  The inventors wish is for qualified licensees or subcontractors to empower humanity with a domino cascade of benefits from such sea change biblical proof of an industry built on the highest principles and the wheelworks of nature. 

You heard it here first before the world at large – organized mass and energy are one with true room temperature quantum power generation maintained by true quantum computing based on a distributed ledger base founded on super coherent stable sub atomic particle many not yet identified.  This event will be the tipping point of a tidal wave of benign disruption of all science, industries, fiat and crypto economies and a timely profound answer for a safe, smart & stable ecological & economic global climate.  Electrons at a 450 terrahertz frequency with minimal impedance are one of many key elements in the science of science.  With economic commercial viability doesn’t change the game; it reinvents much of what all science thought it knew; including all life sciences, genetics, healthcare, longevity, etc.

Since Brazil is in the top 3 renewable energy producers in the world and has an active reforestation plan to address climate change we will invite their renewable decision makers to the demonstration.Brazil’s domestically produced electric power was 80% renewable hydroelectric so we are inviting their national power officials.  Poland, Europe’s 2nd largest consumer of coal is going to renewables, so they are on the guest list.  Renewables are Italy’s fastest growing energy sector; thus we invite Alberto Pinori; Italy’s renewable energy President.  Since 20% of France’s power is renewable we are contacting their minister of renewable energy and ecology.  Canada’s energy is 2/3 renewable and they deserve an opportunity next gen regenerative new gold standard power and the new bio safe currency.

Working with Industrial Green Power Inc(IGPI) in conjunction with our new science advisor we are extending an impromptu invitation to Germany's Department of Energy given Germany's historic priorities concerning climate change solutions. As the world transitions beyond coal the USA - United Sovereign Atom sciences, as introduced by IGPI can retrofit industrial scale coal usage for power to be 6 times cleaner. See climate reality project.org, 2/28/18 explaining why we are inviting German governmental energy officials post haste to this demonstration and their world famous Max Planck Institute renewable energy department directors.

We find Tesla's zero emission ecology - solar roof to empower homeowners and their electric vehicles a technology that United Sovereign Atoms could enhance hundreds if not thousands of times.

Stay tuned for details following this historic event on 1/21/19. Title of article will be "USA - United Sovereign Atoms 5th State Co Venture".



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