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107 Great or Small, Answer the Final Call, For a Global Super Gold Standard of Living

The gold standard was made 300 years ago by the mathematician and physicist, Isacc Newton for the Royal Bank of England.  As of September 21, 2018.  Three days later a new Golden Opportunity Development consortium with a new super gold standard of living was envisioned by various people of similar talent from banking, finance, metallurgy, physics, the mobile phone industry, cryptocurrency, and political leaders.  We propose the single most effective, ecological metals extraction from any ore complex in the world, proven in the field and commercialization ready.  The old gold standard is not the reset that we are about to describe.  There is easily a combined 300 years life experience among the consortium participants. 

999.9/24 karat gold is used in international settlements between countries though Nixon and the Brenton Woods Act brought commonly used gold trading to a close.  After 30 years of work a PHD in physics has created a universal reset of monetary and material values.  He has created gold with 12/9’s of 24 karat purity enhancing the monetary and industrial value for millions, if not trillions of times.  Based on its real world utility, economic, social and global redeeming value.  Any fiat, crypto, asset, commodity or digital currency can be stable, fair, and accountable in all forms of value to world citizens.  This is the first equity security model which is also a commodity in the most condensed form of gold and power. 

President William McKinley said gold was fair money and super gold brings to rational practical economy that can solve the 17 sustainable development goals of humanity as listed by the United Nations.  Not a mythical reset with repetitious calls of new special announcements that “it’s all starting now”.  One troy ounce of this gold is appraised and vaulted by the most prestigious appraisers and banking institutions in the world at $2.5 billion.  This profound platform is based on atomic coherence instilled in any material on the periodic chart; validated by the best labs in the world.  65% of all materials on the periodic chart have been super enhanced including graphene, steel, human cells, solar panels, cell phones, and laptops.  Tangible elements of an accountable sovereign infrastructure, integrated with a mobile phone with no EMF detriments(see EMF facts, what is 5G.info and Aulterra.com) have already taken place.  Monetary-metals.com, Ron and Rand Paul, Mike Mahoney’s the “World’s Greatest Monetary Secret”, Sovereign Man.com, Nomad Capitalists, and our own Constitution give a background on the legacy value of the old gold standard.

If the US Treasury is to be trusted, it holds 261,498,900 troy ounces worth $437 billion.  4.6% of US dollars are backed by gold.  Gold needs to rise in price 20-50 times for the US government to match the supply of fiat in circulation.  Most countries have tons of gold.  A midas touch super science can multiply it’s value many times to the tune of 10 tons of gold in 1 hour.  In the twinkling of an eye the poorest country can have a stable accountable sovereign economy via a mobile.  The Stealthgrid phone, made by Stealthgrid.com could be a core vehicle of the Golden Opportunity Development ministry.  Other candidates of near $1 trillion capacity have already formally joined the discussion.    

Lab reports accepted by global financial institutions validate super gold consistently store and generate megawatts and beyond of clean electrical power.  This brings a new standard and dimension to smart, stable and sustainable coins, economies, cities and ecologies. 

Only the most radical next gen power tech may reverse Global Warming before it’s irreversible.  See Report we have just 12 years to limit devastating Global Warming, 10/8/18, soapboxie.com.  50-70% of global emissions causing global climate disruption may be from agricultural activities where often half the operations cost is synthetic nitrogen amendments as opposed  to a natural relatively unknown off shelf solution like pivotbio.com – see national public radio inc, can anyone, even Walmart, stem the heat trapping flood of nitrogen on farms, 8/21/17 – the short answer is yes; if a pivotal number mass adopt solutions in time.

If perfect clean power generation was mass adopted today the four main greenhouse gases emitted since the industrial revolution need to be neutralized.  San Diego’s Salk Institute for biological sciences is naturally breeding high protein food crops to absorb 20 times more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and permanently sequester it in the soil with shovel readiness in 5 years.  With 5% of Earth’s arable land(the size of Egypt) making the planet 2% more efficient and sequestering 1 trillion tons via roots plant suberin molecules.  Harnessing plants for the future states these plants will resist increasing floods, droughts and insects proliferation from global warming while increasing no till crops on decreasing arable land for billions of more people.  The USA consortium – united symmetrical atoms will invite them to consider a synergetic midas touch collaboration to multiply their contribution and shorten the time frame.  All life forms can be upgraded indirectly via a USA solution not being treated by the USA apparatus itself.  They propose enhancing the oceans seagrass sequestration 30 times with a cascade effect of reviving the ocean ecology which should upgrade oxygen production which may do what reforestation with billions of trees may not accomplish in the time required.  25% of fossil fuel carbon is absorbed by plants.  Environmental decline may decrease plants ability to keep this store of ever increasing carbon.  Plants breathe in carbon by day and breathe it out by night.  Technically they don’t breathe – yet they do take in and put out to plants shuttle carbon their pores by day and out by night.  Salk Institute #1 in the world in plant biology team’s, harnessing plants to fight global warming was colaunched by Robert Redford and his wife.  14 plant enzymes that help plants consume 8-16 times faster per second have been developed by Tobias Erb at Germany’s Max Planck Institute.  We wonder how they may enhance Salk Institute plants?  Similarly; Hong Kong University has produced up to 57% more growth and seed production from Arabidopsis thaliana which the Salk Institute has chosen as a model plant.  Their tech could also work with algae and enhance carbon sequestration.  Population charts show we must produce 87% more of the primary crops – rice, wheat, soy and corn by 2050 and super science coalitions are indispensable to meet this and other goals described herein.  Carbon sequestration and photosynthesis in rice and soy are determined by the rubisco enzyme and the rubp plant molecule says Illinois University plant biologist who feels we can’t afford to ignore genetic engineering.  Funding by Gates Foundation has clarified the problem; the USA coalition doesn’t align with their solution.  The Zurich climeworks plant is 1000% more efficient at removing carbon dioxide than photosynthesis.  100,000 of these plants could help solve the problem in time. 

Kernza, the naturally bred, first perennial wheat from landinstitute.org deserves special mention and the seed is available.  Perennials don’t give up their carbon and Kernza and the promise of perennial corn and price includes huge reductions in fossil fuels for tractors etc.  The institutes global inventory project seeks to develop perennial polyculture food and oilseed crops in all arable climatic zones.  These power plants can feed the future.  See psmag.com – 10 plants that can save the world and the azolla fern sequestered tens of trillions of carbon dioxide, 50 million years ago; cooling the greenhouse globe and allowing the polar icecaps to form Kernza – 10 foot roots “2% more of earth’s carbon uptake could offset 100% of the carbon” – Dr. Rattan Lala – Ohio State University soul scientist Mb.  University forever green initiative is developing a perennial sunflower increasing conservation, climate health, production and profit is the super plant manifesto and all in the record time of 3 -10 years.  Fmr.org perennials are hardy enough to grow through a Minnesota winter.

Bees are key to 1/3 of world’s land based crops and in record decline from pesticides, GMOs, 5G and fossil fuel emissions.  Agnihotra.org reveals a 20,000 year old low tech way to restore bees, air, land and sea and documented by over 50 PhD studies for decades.  Light and sound broadcast a super coherent field even dissipating Chernobyl radiation for miles in all directions.  Vested interests in agriculture and all industries will rarely even acknowledge such science due to a need to control profit, people and planet.  Global revival depends more on private finance and visionaries who are objective enough to think, learn and act for themselves.  There are 7 billion solutions if any of the 7 billion people can rise to that occasion.  Monsanto has genetically engineered bees who may survive genetically altered plants and synthetic sprays and soil amendments.  Nature has responded with drones fed by agnihotra carbon ash miraculously making honey on a Hawaiian bee farm.  Newearthmedia.org reports on bee recovery and other miracles.

If the world’s 100 companies who have generated 71% of all harmful emissions, adopt perfect power generation tech overnight; the total greenhouse gas emissions which absorb solar heat will disrupt weather, icecaps, ocean and arable land for a thousand years.  Mission2020.global is rallying those private sector and few governmental leaders who care to add mitigation tech to carbon tax and adaptation strategies.global thermostat in California, carbon engineering, center for negative carbon emissions and David Keith’s dac tech are templates to neutralize all harmful gases globally in 3-10 years before its irreversible.  USA – United Sovereign Atom science could prove to be tipping point tech they all need to make a great enough difference soon enough while creating a global higher order economy the opposite of virally, compounding disorder and debt that increasingly fewer can take advantage of.  A trillion $ clean power industry would keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius – today’s airline industry is larger and they are expanding their emissions daily.  US and China are the top two emissions generators.  One of the USA coalition goals is to challenge all to help us help the world have all standards of living upgraded; power, finances, water, housing, and transportation while reversing climate change to a preindustrial healthy state.

NASA 2006 study says reducing global sunlight 2% would let earth balance even a doubling of carbon dioxide.  Artic ice melt contributes to 1/3 world’s temperature rise – see ice911.org & they think silica dust could lower the planets fever.  Ice911.org proposes geoengineering the Antartic, with silica microspears yet 67 nations control what happens there.  Greenland the world’s largest island and 90% ice may pay for a temporary temperature fix and the USA coalition has access to tons of silica.  A minute portion of which the USA could super enhance likely reducing the amount of silica needed for a more hyper effective solar light refraction in less time.  Would it be risky?  Yes, doing nothing may be riskier.  A pilot project in the Antartic has been completed; yet the regulatory backlash could be the biggest factor.  Al Gore is not promoting convenient truths – climate solutions; besides chem trails which don’t qualify; to use an understatement.

Ice911.org lacks funds, personnel and permission currently.  Though we favor an aggregate approach of many climate change protocols; the unique approach of the San Diego “power” plants bypasses many regulatory snafus of other approaches.  Global thermosat and carbon engineering are similar in that regard and their solutions compliment harnessing the power of plants quite well.

Hemp cultivation could complement this.  See drawdown.org, e360.yale.edu, 3/18/10 Huffington Post and vainesreport.org.  Super science may improve any field from power to agronomy, from 30% to much more as the extraordinary science improves at an extraordinary pace.  Players like Hemp Incorporated and Centuria Foods may find history making advances in these plants productivity, photosynthesis, oxygen production, and carbon sequestration.

In 2010 Long Island Brookhaven Laboratory collided gold nuclei at 99% light speed for a nano second, creating enough energy to power the US for one year.  Infrared telescopes show gold is created when two Suns, 10 times our Sun’s diameter collide in space creating gold and other precious metals 100,000 times the mass of Earth.  As above so below, nano to macro atomic orbits mirror solar system orbits.  Natural power, intelligence and wealth come from order and construction, not the opposite. 

The new super science creates atomic refinement purity and order upgrading materials without smelting, melting, adding chemicals or materials.  In regard to gold, 10 tons can be processed in one day.  The super secret patented process is a quantum plasma dynamic, owned and controlled by one company never to be sold out.  Atomic microscopy reveals that the super gold is a hexagonal pattern of 6 atoms in a flat lattice 3.3 nanometers high.

Power generation tech can treat tons of coal and make it 6 times cleaner.  See Asian Pacific Development Corporation.         

Mobile phones and laptops performance, speed, and battery charge have increased 200 fold when subjected to this process within 20 seconds.  Titanium and biological materials have been improved 20 to over 1,000 times. 

Does a natural laptop quantum computer with an affordable price await the market within 90 days?  Informed minds are welcome to validate, to share a new era of reality, to validate on any level, with their own labs and equipment the legal, political, and financial implications.  No investment funds per say are needed by the consortium.  Partners are sought to bring this all to light in the world of commerce.  Values and vision count more than capital and yet all three combined are not discouraged.  2,500 intellectual properties are part of the legacy and may be licensed, franchised, etc and never sold.  Publically held companies and privately accredited investors may join the dialogue.

If the US Federal government doesn’t adopt this standard it may be utilized by the Texas bullion depository; America’s first state administered precious metals bullion depository with over $1 billion in assets.  It accepts gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium.  The Utah precious metals association may adopt; they made gold and silver legal tender state wide in Utah.  Germany, repatriating all their gold by 2020, may see the golden light of such a new standard.  Vault chain allows digital buying of gold held by the Royal Canadian mint of 999.9 quality.  A pre 1933 Gold bullion chartered bank in the United States may come to life with this paradigm.

All validation of any of this document is the sole, exclusive responsibility of the reader.  The writer offers this article for informational purposes only and is not a licensed broker, tax consultant, or accredited business advisor of any kind and never cares to be.  The Super Gold monetary reset or fools gold?  The final assay is your mission if you choose to accept it.  For logical minds that need more detail, nondisclosures, etc and clearly realize this is not a solicitation for investment funds of any kind whatsoever; they can contact the author who is direct to the CEO.  The world demands a 2.0 millennium reset of economic infrastructure, science, ecological, and social transformation and an A team to help deploy it.

United symmetrical atoms is natures real manifesto for humanity to mass adopt a higher way of living while enhancing all life and virtually any system people freely choose.  This summary is a reflection of a naturally evolving and self-regenerating intelligence that is not artificial; bestowing the most benefits with the least effort and time for a united, diverse and healthy planet for those visionary enough to ethically distribute it in the most large scale, practical and expedient ways.

It’s the clarity of understanding the truth or consequences of the sovereign atomic laws that will incentivize all to join the USA coalition.  The super atom master signal instills the order that makes 6 atoms form and keep a super orderly structure and no other tech can do this with all elements on the periodic chart.  This is the ideal, original sovereign law and order of all matter that borders on spirit transcending the long held to be immutable laws of thermodynamics and chaos and derivatives like Moore’s law and unveiling a new era of harmony, reason and super natural abundance of all good for the entire earth with the primordial atomic and subatomic sovereign law, order and science eliciting the optimum values, performance and longevity of all animate and inanimate citizens of earth.

Climate crisis is #1 as reported by 360.org, the name derived from the math showing 350 ppm carbon dioxide in world’s atmosphere causes catastrophic weather and this Change is difficult to stop.  We’re at 410 and rising with polar ice caps & permafrost melting.  Cleantechnica.co, 10/9/17 will address the best skeptics.  The seven megatrends that could beat global warming: there is reason for hope, see guardian.com and nrdc.com.

Currently we see the Earth’s three potentially greatest challenges as global climate change, new clean power and complementary technologies to reverse it in the time needed and an inherent stable, multi asset backed digital currency that can take any form with respect to any ecology, culture, economy and educational paradigm. 

One complementary innovation could be a super clean super fuel efficient internal combustion engine such as the “Mighty Engine”, see angellabsllc.com.  Peswiki.com, Youtube massive yet tiny ”MYT” engine.

Qualified partners may have their licenses etc insured by a gold backed bond, vaulted, appraised and collateralized by premier agencies with 100 year plus reputations with all aspects and parties clearly identified, in case any business arranged does not go as planned, with a money plus interest back written agreement.  You may text your bio synopsis and explicit nature of your interest and your contact information to (310)940-2404.  Please respect and work with this protocol and resist calling first. 

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